Guru Poornima message

Sai Ram and Om Shri Gurave Namah,
My greetings to all of you on the occasion of Guru Poornima. May the Param Guru Sadashiv,Adi Guru Dattatreya Maharaj, Sai Math Maharaj and your individual Guru Maharaj bless you,fulfill all your wishes and show you the path of salvation.
It is Guru Poornima. I bow to all my Gurus. Firstly I bow at the feet of Gurus whom I had not met physically but always felt there blessings and love. Therefore my pranams to Sai Math Maharaj,Dattatreya Maharaj,Sri Padvallabh,Sri Narsingh Saraswati, Ramakrishna Paramhans,Sarda Ma, Sri Aurbindo& Mother,Siddharameswar Maharaj,Swami Ramtirth,Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Raman Maharishi,Hazarat Baba Japan,Tajuddin Baba,Hazarat Ajmer Sharif,Hazarat Nizamuddin,Gajanan Maharaj,Akkalkot Maharaj,Sanker Maharaj…list is endless.
I submit my humble pranams to Gurus I have met,like,Satya Sai Baba, J. Krishnamurti,Meher Baba,Nisargdatt Maharaj,Ranjit Maharaj,Mother, Anandmayi Ma,Amritananadmayi Ma,Nityanand Baba,Muktanand Baba,Osho,Mahesh Yogi,Acharya Sri Ram Sharma,Swami Ram,Aghoreswar Ram…list is endless again.
And I want to submit my pranams to two present Gurus,Sriram Sir and Umeshwar Shrivastava ji whom I am indebted for their love,affection and blessings.
Finally  my humble pranams to wash the feet of my Guru Maharaj Kartar Singh ji,whom I call Bhaisaheb. I owe all my achievements, my spiritual development to Him only.
Some people say that there is no necessity of making someone Guru.It’s solely one’s personal decision. I was also against recognizing someone as Guru because from the childhood itself I was influenced by J. Krishnamurti. But if someone is really meant to be your Guru,His love will overpower all your resistance. He will guide you,He will remove obstacles from your path,He will take your karmas on Himself, He will make your spiritual journey and Worldly life smooth. He will cover you in His palm to save you from the onslaught of strong winds and finally He will leave you alone to complete your journey on your own. He will stand by side,simply observing you,He will make Himself totally useless. He will not hammer his teachings and thoughts,He will simply point the way. There will be only pointers from  Him. He will give you wings but leave you alone to learn flying,He will give you boat but then He will push it in the river so that you can find your final destination.
But please don’t think that only your Guru is right,only he has reached,only He is enlightened. There are innumerable Gurus. Some are just in seclusion and are not interested in any interaction with other human beings. I know few of them. They are the ultimate flowers of spirituality. The true Guru will work on you silently. He will never show it. He is always humble and discrete.
Moreover I suggest that you should choose a Guru who is available to you, if not always at least sometimes. The Gurus who are just busy in increasing the numbers of disciples are of no use to you. There are certain sects where the members have never seen their Gurus. This will not be of much help.
Please understand that Guru  Tattwa is one only. Only the Guru who has dissolved his ego and is one with Guru Tattwa,who is in unison and harmony  with it will be able to help you. He will shorten your journey. He will give final push to your boat in the sea of your spiritual journey.
Guru Poornima is basically Ved Vyas Jayanti,also known as Vyas Poornima. Vyas ji is considered to be an immortal character in our Mythology like Hanumanji,Bali, Vibhishan etc All Vedas,Puranas etc. are credited to him.It could be that the head of the school involved in propagating these teachings was known as Vysa and there were number of Vysas. But Vyasa also known as Krishna Dwaipayan is the founder of Guru Parampara.
Another sect which has deep root Guru- Bhakti is Dattatreya Sampradaya. Starting from Dattaterya Bhagwan it includes Sri Padvallabh, Sri Nasingha Saraswati, Manik Prabhu, Akkalkot Maharaj, Gajanan Maharaj an Sai Nath Maharaj. The follower of this parampara consider their Gurus as God. They ask for everything including salvation from their Guru only.
Sikh Sect also has very deep roots in Guru worship. Even their temple is called Gurudwara maning ”Door to Guru”. Their scripture is also called Guru Granth Saheb, meaning collection of Guru’s teachings. It not only contais teachings of Gunak Dev ji but of Kabir Saheb, Saint Ravidas ji also.
Guru is Sakshat Pabrhama. It mens Guru is Supreme Atma which represents Unity Of Speech (As Brahma),all pervasive mind (As Vishnu) and heart ( as maheswar). The role of the Guru is to totally remove the darknes of ignorance. Guru is the one who has transcendent all the three gunas i.e Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas. Please remember that  Guru,who advises his disciples to go back on his plighted words is no Guru at all. Guru is necessary to make us understand the formless attributeless Divinity. The right Guru will teach from experience,he will love his pupils and will correct their faults and failings, in order to make them happy and useful. He will inculcate in them speaking truth and living according to Dharma. Gu in Guru means Gunateet i.e. unaffected by attributes and attitudes and not associated with any particular characteristic. Ru is Rupateet i.e. not limited to any form and pervasive in all forms.
A Guru is like a candle which lights others in consuming itself. He defends His pupils against His own personal influence. He understands hat art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery. A Guru affects eternity;He can never tell when His influence stops.
Why it is necessary to have a Guru and after finding one to follow His instructions with faith and sincerity? I had seen few fellows. They don’t have any Guru. They are just tossed around as a dry leaf here and there. It doesn’t work if verbally you make someone your Guru and don’t follow him. It’s one of the most important and closest relationship. Either you will keep on askng every Tom-Dick- Harry, what to read or where to go or you wil pretend to be spiritual to be socially acceptable and carry on with your vices. One day you will find that your Guru will ignore you. He is all compassion so he will not harm you but you will be without his blessings. So be authentic and don’t pretend. Don’t just collect information which will only form a thick layer of dust on your mind and please don’t pretend and advertise your spirituality. You will suffer more that a person who doesn’t believe in spirituality.
The present day Gurus stultify your buddhi,your innate power of discrimination instead of encouraging you to search,examine,experience and believe. Due to this the humanity is in great danger. Once you have secured a Guru,leave everything to Him,even the desire to acieve ENLIGHTENMENT. He knows you more than you yourself ever can. He will direct you as much as is good fr you. Your duty is only to obey and to smother the tendency to drift away from Him.You may ask,how are we to earn our food,if we attach ourselves to a guru like this?Please be convinced that if you do this,the Parmatma in the form of Guru will not let you starve. He will give you not only food but Amrita, the nectar of immortality.
The true Gurus will never force the disciple to grow with a bent in the direction that He prefers.Diciple has the right to develop on his own liking according to his sanskaras and herd of mind.Now a days with Modern Gurus the relationship of Guru and Shishya has become topsy-turvy,rich and influential shishyas now rule the Guru and dictate how he should behave. The Gurus also, keen on accumulating fame and wealth,stoop to tactics recommended by the shishyas and then lower their status. So before accepting the Guru examine him and his credentials,his ideas and practices. But once you accept him, He should be your God. Only the Guru,who teaches about God,is worth the name. The true Guru shows the path of God-realization,reveals the true purpose of life to the disciple and how it should be realized. The true Guru demonstates to the disciple that beyond the changing forms and names of phenomenal world, there is a Divinity that is permanent and unchanging. As per Gita shishya is Narottam and the Guru is Purushottam, shishya is Mahatma and Guru is Parmatma,shishya is patradhar(actor) GURU IS SUTRADHAR (DIRECTOR). THE TRUE GURU HAS NO EGO OR SELFISHNESS. A TRUE  GURU IS LARGE HEARTED,ABSOLUTELY SELFLESS,PURE IN BEING,FREE FROM AQUISITIVENESS. HE IS FREE FROM ENVY,DESIRES FOR NAME,FAME AND IS EQUAL MINDED IN HIS CONDUCT TOWARDS EVERYONE. THE UPPERMOST THING IS THAT HE DOES NOT BOAST ABOUT HIMSELF.
The transforming Guru senses readiness to change,helps the ”follower” or student respond to more complex needs,transcending the old levels again and yet again. The true Guru is also learning and is transformed by the relationship….The open Teacher, like a ood therapist establishes rapport and resonance,sensing unspoken neds,conflicts,hope and fears.Respecting the learner’s autonomy,the Teacher spends more time gelping to articulate urgent questions than demanding right answers.
There are eight types of Gurus-
1.Bodha Guru-who teaches shastras i.e. scriptures and encourages the pupil to act according to its injunctions.
2.VedaGuru- who imparts the inner meaning of the Vedas and turn the mind of the pupil towards God.
3.Nishiddha Guru-who imparts knowledge about rules and duty and show how one’s welfare here and hereafter can be ensured.
4.Kamya Guru-He makes one engage himself in meritorious deeds to secure happiness in both the worlds.
5.Soochaka Guru-He teaches how the senses are to be controlled through various types of disciplines.
6. Karna Guru-He reveals unity of Jeev and Atma.
7.Vachak Guru-He is the one who imparts knowledge of Yoga and prepare the disciple for spiritual life.
8. Vihita Guru- He clears all doubts,purifies the mind and shows how self-realization can be attained.
With my experience I suggest to find a Vihita Guru or Karn Guru who with the various teachings and practices help you to progress from human to Divine Consciousness.
So this is all about Gurus.
There are few books to understand Guru Tattwa and ultimate unflinching devotion in you Guru.
The first is Guru Gita, a dialogue between Siva and Parvati. the second is Guru Charitra,describing life and teachings of Dattatreya Bhagwn, Sri Padvallabh and Sri Narsingha Saraswati.
                      SADGURUM TAM NAMAMI
May you all find your Sadgurus and if you have one may He blesses you with everything including infinite wisdom and Enlightenment.
With best wishes
Always in Baba’s grace
Sharat Bhuhan
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We are being eliminated

Sai Ram.
I had travelled a lot and still I am traveling defying my age sometimes purely for pilgrimage,sometimes delivering lectures taking workshop and sometimes just to share someone’s pain and agony.
I had just returnedpfrom pilgrimage of Shirdi,Shani Shingnapur, Mukta Aai,Meherabad, Nityanand Baba’s Samadhi at Ganeshpuri,Haji Ali and those beautiful Samadhis of Siddhrameswar Maharaj and Ranjit Maharaj at sea shore in Banganga. I prayed at Banganga to give me such beautiful and peaceful place for final rest.This time mood was strange. Everywhere I wept. I was pleading, praying to all the Gurus for their Krupa.It’s almost end of the life but all my vices like anger,lust,ego,cunningness are intact. I was pleading to burn all of them as final journey is very close.
During my work I ,meet scores of people from every field of life,like Ministers,IAS officers,people from Judiciary, politicians,Industrialists, people from Higher,middle,lower management and even rickshaw pullers,labors and very ordinary people.I don’t differentiate between them.For me the only criteria is that the person coming to me should have some spiritual spark in him.He should not be a totally worldly person or an imposter,just pretending to be spiritual to cover his weaknesses, follies and to exploit,manipulate the people.
I meet lot of people who say that I am a politician par excellence, or best Minister,IAS Officer,Judge,CEO or HOD.Sometimes people say that they are the only good leader and they can do the job better than anyone else.
Why we all believe in all these lies?We have to understand one simple fact that whatever one is doing or whatever capabilities one has,they are simply because of God’s Grace.We are nothing. RATHER EVERYTHING IS NOTHING.On our own we cannot do anything.One of the Enlightened Master Dadashri from Gujarat used to say that we cannot even pass stool on our own.Everything is already determined and fixed.We forget our roles and start manipulating,exploiting people,try to make their life hell for satisfaction of our desires and aspirations.But this world has an unique property. Everything rebounds.Whatever you do to others will come back to you. And no one goes from this world without paying for one’s cunningness.
Remember always- we are nothing.
We are being eliminated word by word,sentence by sentence,paragraph by paragraph and page by page.
At the end we may feel that we have written a lot in the book of life, but ultimately all the pages become blank.
And we land up in a forgotten shelf in the dark corridor of a God forsaken library in the form of a book which is covered with dust and no one is ever going to open it.
Always in Baba’s Grace
Sharat Bhushan

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Osho,Osho Dhara, Adwait Masters,Vaidic Sanskriti,Death….concluding part of Last Mail

Sai Ram,
This is the concluding part of my last mail.After this I’ll not bother you with my thoughts. Since it is final conversation, it will be slightly lengthy.Please bear with me.
I love this poem by Shailly-
”One world is too profaned
For me to profane it;
One feeling too falsely disdained
For thee to disdain it;
One hope is too like despair
For prudence to smother;
And pity from thee more dear
Than that from another.
I can give not what men call love;
But wilt thou accept not
The worship the heart lifts above
And the heavens reject not,-
The desire of the moth for stars,
Of the night for the morrow,
The devotion to something afar
From the sphere of our sorrow”.
These words are very close to my heart.
I always say that truth is One only and it is eternal. There cannot be so many procedures, rituals, scriptures and Gods.Neither there can be so varied methods and ways to reach God,sorry Gods.Basically in past these things were fed to the minds which were illiterate but intelligent. Such people were in search of some authority to tell them what to do in this uncertain and unpredictable life.So it was easy to pierce their psyche by some higher intelligence/extra terrestrial civilization.Most of the prophets,teachers were not literate although they were intelligent,wise and compassionate and they were in search of the meaning of life.So they never questioned so called revelations, and the masses with their lazy minds just followed them.A literate, analytical,logical mind would have resisted all this,might have questioned all these revelations.This is with all so called scriptures-Vedas, Bible,Quran etc.So it may or may not be the truth.So one has to find truth on his own without help of scriptures & Masters,otherwise we are just tape recorders,playing recorded messages,
whether of Gita,Quran,Bible,Granth Saheb or some present day Masters like Osho,JK,Ravishanker Poonja Saheb or so called Adwait Masters.The more we listen to them and meditate on them, more we programme ourselves.Spirituality is deprogramming ourselves, just to erase all the forced knowledge.I say again and again that these Masters might have find the truth,but it was their own personal truth,totally irrelevant to us.Your truth will be different,which you have to discover on your own.So become rebel, throw away whatever second hand information you have received from the scriptures,saints and Masters (Even these present day Masters are simply interpreting the same old scriptures and have nothing new to say).Just put a question to yourself-Is it so,that reading and learning all these scriptures and listening to these Masters had made you a better human being?Is it so that following certain rituals,going to temples,churches,gurudwaras and masjids had made you more humane,compassionate and loving?Have you been able to recognize your own cunningness,lies borne out of your insecurities? If no,then all your so called spiritual activities are of no value.
Have you ever wondered,why there are so many breeds? Why there are so many castes and human beings of different colors and physical shapes? Why there are so many religions,castes and rituals? I think Earth is a “colonized” planet.There are no indigenous Earthlings.All persons of Earth were brought in from other parts of the Galaxy.This explains the many different races,cultures,religions of Earth,differences that could not be possibly be explained by climate alone.It also explains why Scientists of Earth have not found (and will never find) the so called ‘missing link’ between humans and apes.The missing link does not exist because Earth is a colonized planet.
Basically behind all our spirituality is the fear of future,rather death.Why we should have this fear of death? Why we do not want to admit that we are mortals? Why we want to transcend death? Why we are scared of impermanence of life? Have we ever asked these questions to ourselves? And what will happen if we transcend death? Have we ever realized that all our life is spent in trying to avoid death? Whether it is pursue of materialistic life or spiritual life,the fear of death is always behind these activities.Do we realize that it is not death or impermanence of life we have to transcend,it is fear of death which we have to transcend.If we have no fear of death do we think that we will gave any importance to spirituality or religion or God?Don’t pay attention to so called permanence of soul etc as they carry no meaning in the present life we are living. Why we want to play with these toys? Realize that in the Casino,death is taking everything slowly,everyday we are losing this gamble and death is winning.Sometimes I feel as if all the Masters,scriptures are leading us astray,they are nor telling us to face death directly,rather they talk about all hypothetical things,like salvation,afterlife and realization. If we are into spirituality for the sake of love with The Creator and the Creation,it is different matter,but if we are into it for finding permanence in life or avoiding that reality called death,we are altogether on wrong path.This is not spirituality,it is just running away from the fear of death.We are born and live with the uncanny feeling that death is somewhere nearby.This fear,this uncertainty of life is the base of all this spirituality and religion. If we do not have this fear of death,we will never search for the meaning of 
Iife,we will never search God.Basically in searching them,we try to find out certainty and permanence in this transitory life.That is why we have given a concept to God that He is permanent,He is eternal.What if God is also born and go for the dissolution with this world?Nothing is certain,nothing is permanent in this world. We want to cling to this life,we want to exist eternally and due to this we have created so called paraphernalia of God, Enlightenment, spirituality and religion.
If we are not spiritual or religious we try to forget death,uncertainty of life by involving ourselves  in some other impermanent thing like money,job,sex,status,power and for that we keep ourselves busy in very trifle things like deceits, lies, exploitation. We use others,we manipulate and exploit others thinking that it will give us permanency to our impermanent lives. For our self interest if we are not able to eliminate someone physically,we will by all means try to slaughter and butcher his heart and soul.
Then what is spirituality? It is not search of the meaning of life,because life has no meaning.It is just to understand that everything alongwith all pur concepts about life,God etc are false.We are just alone in this world of illusions where your friends,familiy, job,status,power,love everything is impermanent and transitory.So spirituality is to understand and accept that aloneness,without any grief, sorrow and fear.If you open your eyes,you are awake,all this Illusion ( we call it Maya ) like family,friends, money,status, power, love will disappear in an instant and you will be totally alone,totally silent without any ripple of thought.
We have to change our way of looking at the persons.We have to understand that when we meet someone we see their exteriors,not the real Being within. This is true spirituality against that of provoked by fear of death.
I always say that in real meditation we simply come face to face with aloneness and we die to everything else in this life.
I had find put in life that people in this world consider you a fool,try to derive advantage from you, if you are considerate,humane,loving and compassionate. People always tried to use me. Sometimes it was just emotional blackmail.And of happened from every quarter.whether friends,colleagues or relatives.Barring few they never bothered about my problems and sufferings,but whenever they wanted something from me,they always started talking like Messiah,preaching me all the morality. That time they pretended to be my only well wishers. Once I asked Bhaisaheb”Do I look to be such a big fool?” He just laughed and said,”You are lucky as He has provided this set up purposely to speed up the process. Be thankful to them for what they are doing to you.” That is what I am doing now. But yes there were always few friends who stood by me and of course out of all my relatives,my younger brother Rajat who helped my daughter to complete her studies in States.
My work is almost over. My elder daughter has chosen her life and doesn’t require my advice.It was the life chosen by her.She is intelligent enough besides being capable and responsible. I want her to lead a good and happy life and I also know that she will take care of her mother and younger sister. It is not,that she is not doing it right now. She is taking care of everyone including me.Sometimes we do have differences,but they do not interfere in the bonding of the family. I am slightly worried about my younger daughter who is not only innocent but naive and emotional also.She doesn’t understand the crafty ways of people and this world.In this sense she is 
like her mother. But I am sure that Shriya will make her adapt in worldly ways.And with Mamta my daughters have very strong bonding.She will be always happy with them.My daughters,specially the elder one has fought with me several times,taking her side.It was probably right because I admit that I am a crazy fellow,who does not compromise easily and live in an entirely different world of my own.
I had been left with very few fellows on whom I have to work in such a short time. One of them,who carries my heart had to go out of India due to compelling circumstances. I am doing whatever I can do from this distance and I am sure of his success.There are few more,who are very dear to me.Let us see,if I can finish my work on them.
Now a days people are confused. They may appear to be happy or successful but basically they are frustrated.Most of us are all over the place. Like our worldly life,in spiritual life also we feel that we wish to form a good habit,we practice for a fortnight,then hear of something else exciting,drop the first practice,and before that is fixed,run to something else. In fact this is the reason why Gurus like Osho are successful. In fact we must think well whether the thing is for us,and if we decide it is,then stick to it. We should not be busy always in fault-finding of the others which simply makes us feel and appear superior. We should refrain from ”inner considering” (a term coined by the rascal saint Gurdjieff ), thinking about oneself and how others see one, rather that ”externally considering,” taking others into account.We have to understand that when we resent anything in someone,it means that we resent that very thing in ourselves.
There are people who swear by Vedic Sanskriti or our heritage but they have forgotten everything about basic courtesies. Then what purpose does it serve when our ultimate aim is only to exploit and use the other person? How this Vaidic Sanskriti changes our way of living,if we come to know that the things used to be like that in the past? The very persons who talk of Vedic Sanskriti all the time lead a life which is contrary to it.They simply live for money and for that they manipulate and use the people. This provides them with a mask to hide their real face.Whatever they know is nothing but cut-paste from Net.Do we know that in spite of our so called Vedic Sanskriti,India faced two worst wars in ancient time I.e. Mahabharat and that onslaught of Dravidas not only all over Aryavrat but Lanka also by so called propagators of Vaidic Sanskriti, Aryans.These wars totally destroyed Bharatvarsh which also suffered a lot afterwards. What Vaidic Sanskriti has done when India was constantly being attacked by foreigners? Otherwise also thoughts and actions have to be always renewed,to be reformed constantly.Everything should be interpreted according to prevailing period.There is no point in repeating like parrots,that it used to be like this on ancient times when animals were sacrificed in Yagyas  which were conducted for totally eliminating the other human beings. What Vaidic Sanskriti? And please undetstand ,that time will not come back,if there are People who keep on reminding you about that period,they are just doing it for their livelihood and nothing else.Time is a dynamic entity. It changes and with it changes everything.Is it that if we talk of Vaidic Sanskriti,we are thinking about some basic courtesies and humanitarian things.I have one experience of childhood,which I want to share. My father always used to take me to his friend’s houses in Bombay.Sometimes we used to travel for almost an hour in local trains and buses.Sometimes after reaching the destination he will suddenly say that we will come next time.It happened two three times.Once I asked him,”Papa why sometimes you don’t meet your friend and just return?” He gave a reply which is engraved on my heart.He said,”I never want to enter my friend’s house empty handed.Sometimes if I am not able to take something from the house,I try to buy on way.But if nothing is available,I don’t meet them.We are taking precious time of that person and his family.In this manner we apologize for the inconvenience caused to them and show our love and respect.”After his death,I went to meet several of his friends and acquaintances,and almost everyone said,”Your dad was a great man. We knew that he is not doing well,but he never came empty handed.”
With me it is very common.People come to me with their problems,their work,sit for hours but they never bring anything.It is not that I require anything,but they forget that they are putting the whole family into inconvenience.I always say that even if you are going to some temple or to your Guru,please don’t go empty handed.If nothing is possible please take a flower to offer them.If you are not ready to show this small gesture,how do you expect them to do anything for you? Although they will do it out of compassion,but you lose a chance to show your gratitude to them.
OSHODHARA- Once I had a chance to go to Oshodhara Ashram and see their Masters. Normally I refrain from saying anything critical about these present day Masters, but that experience being the most pathetic on my spiritual journey is engraved on my mind. Whom they were trying to copy in that ridiculous attire? The one they were trying to copy was at lest original in that sense. There was vulgar display of ego and their so called second hand knowledge. During conversation the main person was saying very bad things about some other Master. What was all this? Had your disciples come to listen to all this? Show your virtue instead of pointing out the shortcomings of others. He said to someone that J. Krishnamurti was suffering from migraine. I was shocked.then I started reading their lectures and books. In one book he wrote that Ramakrishna Paramhans got enlightened due to SWAD TANTRA (it was his own invention as I have never heard of any such Tantra). It made me really very angry. They were involved in some litigation regarding Ashram land. The lawyer used to come to me as he was husband of one of my very old friend. So I sent a letter to the main master through him,saying that this is totally absurd and you should refrain from giving such comments about Thakur. I think you don’t know anything about him.
There is no parallel to Thakur in the history of spirituality. The so called Guru told my friend that ask him to come to Ashram and then I’ll explain to him. I was really annoyed and asked my friend to tell him,that let us discuss the whole thing in your purchased TV slot or in front of your disciples. I don’t need any explanation,rather I want to tell  something about Thakur to him. So that he doesn’t misguide his disciple and he will also learn something about true spirituality. My friend said that he has not given any reply. Why people go to such gurus who simply boast about themselves and their such garbage like knowledge? They simply repeat and interpret the dead words of a teacher who himself was not original. He simply thrived on raising controversies and criticizing Teaches like Ramkrishna Paramhans,JK,Meher Baba and Muktanand Baba.
There is another present day master who has employed a team of MBAs to run his spiritual empire. He is selling everything right from enlightenment to medicines for joint pain. Sometimes he arranges for hundreds of Sitarits for public concerts. It is good for relaxation but what spirituality has to do with it, I fail to understand.In Kashmir Saivism they advise you not to hear instruments like Tabla,Pakhawaz etc. They say that it’s sound takes one to a state which one considers wrongly the state of Samadhi,but it is only relaxation nothing else. I feel that it is not worthy for the spiritual masters to indulge in social service. Their realm is mind and soul.They are doctors  of mind and soul,and the social work,howsoever noble it may be,like hospitals,schools require lot of money,and when ,money is involved corruption creeps in and everything become questionable.So Spiritual Masters should adhere to spiritual upliftment of the humanity only.One has to understand that spiritually is not relaxation.Spiritually is a tough game.One has to suffer in it.When the people say it is bliss,it is happiness,just believe me it is all nonsense. It is ultimate suffering.One suffers bodily,mentally.Not only one is ridiculed on this path,one is also considered a fool by everyone as everyone thinks that one can use and manipulate a spiritual person with ease.
When you see the disciples of all these Masters 
Iike Osho,Ravishanker,Jaggi etc,I suggest that one should look into their eyes deeply.Their eyes are devoid of Masti (enjoyment). Their eyes are the eyes of a drugged person,totally oblivious to anything else,other than the Masters words.They are asleep.Osho may be a very capable person but his one time P.A. had written that he was always on very high dozes of tranquillizers and he was almost paranoid for diamonds and Rolls Royce. I don’t give weightage to such things as, enlightenment has nothing to do with such matters,but the way he abused Baba Muktanand,Ramakrishna Paramhans and even J. Krishnamurti,made me think that he has not been able to cross that barrier which ego and self deception create.He only elaborated JK with the help of Sufism,Zen,other philophies like Tantra.He was extremely capable person,a very rare intelligence but his ideas of synthesizing various techniques proved to be disastrous.They simply drugged his disciples with the illusion that they have reached their goals,while in fact they only learned techniques of self hypnosis and auto suggestions. I believe that it is disastrous to intermix two different systems.All the ways and all the systems are exclusive only.
Spiritual life is really very difficult and full of hardships. I also suffered with acute depression and almost gave up my career for the pursuing the spiritual goal.It was necessary but there were people who misunderstood it. They thought that I am a weak person mentally and physically.I could never explain to outside world,what was going inside my body and mind and through what process,I was being tested,cajoled and tormented.This is part of spiritual cleansing. But sometimes people not only humiliated me,but made my wife Mamta also to suffer. Once it annoyed me so much that I wanted to take revenge. I had strength,resources and connections for it. Of course the result would have been in God’s hand only and all my efforts would have gone waste, but it would have given me satisfaction that I had done something to salvage my and her pride. Mamta used to plead,”Please don’t do it,you will fall from your place.” But I was adamant and I went to my Guru Maharaj. Before I could have opened my mouth,Bhaisaheb came to know everything. He simply said,”Bhagwanji leave it,let God decides. Believe in natural justice. It can be delayed for years,but it is always dispensed and if you take things in your hands,you will become Yoga Bhrashta. You will loose all you spiritual treasure.” Out of anger I said,”No Bhaisajeb,I will not listen to you. I will do whatever is possible.” He simply smiled and said,”Then I will have to come with you and follow you. It is not that only you are bound to me,I am also bound to you.”And these words transformed me completely. I fell on his feet and he lifted me and embraced me. At that moment I understood JK’s words completely,”Just accept “What is,” don’t try to change it.
Strangely we have forgotten our inner Guru. We are always in search of some outer Guru or some Scripture who can guide us step by step,which can solve all our problems. One of my friend is devotee of a Guru who said once that The Mother of Aurbindo Ashram and Swami Vivekanand asked him for Saktipaat. I held that Master in great reverence. He was a great  soul,great Saint and great Master. But just see the subtle game of Maya and ego.Why Vivekanand will come to him for transmission,when his Master is one of the greatest of all the spiritual Masters of all times-Ramakrishna Paramhans Himself. And The Mother? She is considered to be The Universal Mother herself and responsible for spiritual revotution not only in India but all over the world. In fact,God, Brahma or whatsoever we call Him,does not allow anyone to understand Him fully. He creates all these problems of subtle ego, illusions to keep us away from Him. That is why I always repeat Thakur’s words”No body can know Him.”
Suddenly Adwaita Teachers are mushrooming. Whatever they preach is not Adwaita. I don’t say that they are not evolved,but their concept of Adwaita is not authentic. Neti  Neti is denying everything. They say that after negating everything only that One is left. Do we understand that we have to say Neti ( No ) to that One also. In fact there is not even One. There is nothingness. We try to impose something on that nothingness and here the problem arises. I had listened to all these present day Adwaita Masters. They all are pushing their views without ever listening to other views. They corner the seeker by constantly hammering the poor seeker with their rigid explanations and the seeker feels that he has understood everything.He feels happy after taking that stiff doze of sedatives. I want to insist that all this world and everything is not illusion. Please don’t become insensitive to your worries,pain,failures and diseases,considering them Maya. Do you think you will be subjected to them without any purpose? They have to be understood,tackeled properly and then we have to move beyond them. why He will make so much effort and take time to create ILLUSION? And Masters say that we have to come out of that illusion. Is it that,He had simply made this illusion or Bhool Bhulaiyan(the place where we loose our way) to enable us to get out of this? What is this nonsense? This is totally ridiculous. This world is a fact and the whole purpose of the creation is to enjoy this very existence and evolve. If you read the scriptures they also admit that although things are being created out,coming out through Him,He is also not aware how all this is happening. This is shocking. 
What purpose of the creation is served if one gets enlightened? I ask bluntly, Who ever got Enlightened? What is Enlightenment? Please don’t buy the Opium of Enlightenment being sold by so called Enlightened Masters.
One more thing we have to understand that spirituality is not collecting information. One of my friend who is a very nice human being and whom I had tried to give direction is very much busy only in collecting information. He wants to lay his hands on every book suggested by others. Not only that he wants to visit every place suggested by the people whom he thinks that they know spirituality. We have to understand our capacity and capability also as there are no general medicines on this path. I always suggest the book, place or Guru to a person after considering his overall personality. We should know that most of the time people refer the books,persons or places just to impress and everything is not meant for everyone. We have limited time with us. Believe me,whatever is required for our spiritual development, a person,book or place will manifest on its own by His grace. This is Divine Law. He tried different Masters, Mantras and go to different places not solely for spiritual reasons. I never say that using spirituality for worldly desires,gains and achievements is a bad thing. This world has to exist and run and everyone is not supposed to get out of the loop. So if you want,definitely try the spiritual means for your worldly desires and purposes,but don’t mix so many methods, Gurus, Rituals, Mantras. Stick to one and wait patiently. Otherwise we can loose even the things which we have in our hands. And we should try to be honestly open to the people whom we approach for spiritual upliftment. Spiritual life is not corporate life. I love him and had done for him whatever is possible for me without telling him,but I have my limitation as I cannot do much if person conceals the facts and is not totally open.
In the end I just want to say that we are here because we have a mission to fulfill and for fulfilling that mission,we are given Consciousness. This consciousness is given to us for doing something. The whole spirituality is to find out what is that I have to do? I differ even with Raman Maharishi here, the fundamental question is not to ask,”Who am I?”rather it is ”Why I am here?”
Just change your orientation from who to why and it will transform your life.
Why I want to stop sending the mails specially to the people whom I know only not as a seeker or spiritual person but just as relatives,friends,acquaintance? I had done lot of harm to them, I had wasted their time and tried to awake them from their sleep. I will not disturb you again.
There is a couplet-
”Jhoot koe aadat bana loon maslhat odha karoon,
Dost kehatey hein ki pee ker bhi such na bola karun,
Zaher kitana bhi hoe bahaar ki fizaon main magar,
Fikr main misri bharoon izhaar koe meetha karun,
Din main huns huns ker milun apney se bhi gairon se bhi,
Raat koe ghar key daro-deeewar se jhagada Karoon,
Dekh ley who bhi merey angan main phaili subh koe,
Mar gaya hai Joe merely under usey zinda Karoon.
Sahilon ki rate kya degi pata dost mujhey
Utroon paani main toe gehrai ka andaza karun”
I will continue writing on my site and blog ”Insight.”
With warm regards and genuine wish that you all be always happy,
From my side I don’t want to say thank you to you all for giving your precious time, I can say only “‘Santosham’. I am happy because of your interest in my mails.
Ever yours in Baba’s grace
Sharat Bhushan

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Mail 2 – Last emails to larger audience

           Sai Ram and wish you a very happy Holi. Although this year started with Amavasya,which I feel is not good,yet the only thing in our hands is to wish well of others.
I thought that I will be able to conclude this mail business with this part two, but there are some essential things, which I want to convey and as there will not be any other chance, the mail may have third part.
Otherwise also my condition is like this only-
”Padey hein joe Jail main apni,
Unhein kya vaasta doon?
Joe nikalana hee na chahein,
Unhein kya raasta doon?
Duayen inkey liye mein
Bekahey hee maangta hoon,
Nasamajh Joe nahin
Kya bhala unkoe bata doon?”
I am also part of this world which I always call ”Jamboree Of Nerds”,where most of us do not understand the basic problem of living. In fact now a days we are constantly inundated with new information,but our brain captures a very little portion of it. I will give you one example. The problem is that,at the moment money is being spent on the research to prevent us from dying,in stead of encouraging us to live livelier,riskier lives. We might be more likely to die suddenly and there by have a better and acute death,as well as living a better life. Unfortunately acute death is often protracted into chronic death and disability.
And it becomes a problem.Just pay attention to this and see all around. Most of us are living a handicapped,unreasonable life due to so called medical aids. That is why ,do everything dangerously, live dangerously, love dangerously,hate dangerously,pray dangerously and even die dangerously. In modern age the motto isn’t to be or not to be,rather it is how to prolong being,howsoever pathetic it may be.
These last few years after leaving my job from EPI turned out to be wonderful. Although while leaving it,spiritual reasons were foremost, there was apprehension about money,about the future of my daughters as practically my finances were on bad shape. Moreover I used to think that how much I can read, meditate or do pooja or write or meet people with the uncanny feeling that I have to do this out of compulsion. But afterwards things started taking shapes. I started going out,traveling more,giving discourses and taking workshops. My elder daughter got settled after the marriage. Moreover I met some wonderful people and they became close friends. I found someone Iike a son who insists like few others that I am his Guru (I am not). But he is having lot of possibilities. I also started going to some organization,where I met few boys who became like my younger brothers and few girls who almost became my daughters. Yes there were very few who tried to undermine me and harm me. Once it made me angry and I wanted to act then suddenly I realized,it is just their karmas and why to build my karmas for someone else? I had not harmed anyone in anyway and I am always respectful with all the people. So if they have their complexes let them have those complexes even if they want to harm me. This is not my way of life.
And I met during this period, Guruji Shri Umeshwar Srivastava and Sriram Sir. Both are fountainhead of spirituality and love. It was the biggest gain of my life.
But yes, my Guru Maharaj left his physical body and it was one of the biggest loss after my father’s death. But I realized that he has never left me. He is always with me.
This period also gave me one of the biggest shocks of my life. I tried to lift someone,put that person back on rails and take out of sorrow. But that person as soon as was back on rails,humiliated me and insulted me. I invested all my remaining love,time and energy on that person and also tried to give my knowledge and experience. When someone betrays you,insults you,it does not cause sorrow. Sorrow is only caused when that person thinks that he or she was able to use you considering you a fool. I can read a person,the future,past and present. But destiny is strange. It closes your eyes to the truth and you ignore your intuition and all the negative signals coming from that person. That person taught me a lesson on deception and selfishness almost near the end of my life.First time I came to know that cunningness and meanness has nothing to do with age and people can even fake sorrow. But I also learnt the true meaning of MOHA (attachment). When I used to read that one should not have Moha,I never understood it’s true implication. Moha makes one blind to all the facts. It also forces you to ignore other persons shortcomings,faults and cunningness and ultimately you suffer like Dhrutrashtra. I believe that Dhrutrashtra was not blind. He just became blind out of his Moha for his off springs and closed his eyes against all their sins. It only resulted in that great war Mahabharat. I was mad with anger and wanted to harm that person in all the possible ways (of course I had means),but Bhaisaheb just appeared and said,”I am with you” and I understood that I cannot take any action because it was his way of letting me know that if I involve myself in such trifle things, I will fall from my spiritual plane and since he has given me his blessings as his disciple,he will also be a partner to this and it will effect him also. So I understood that I would simply have to suffer,as it is part of my karmas and it is also spiritual cleansing.I should not even think of  what should happen to that person,let the natural justice take place and do not wish any outcome as per my wishes.
The only lesson learned was that one can always tell how much one loves someone by how much they can hurt the one.
We give undue importance to ourselves,our physical appearance,our status,our money,our power,our achievements,our intelligence, our capabilities and also our so called love,which is not love but only our meanness to use the others for our advantage or our weakness to cling to others for emotional or other supports.
Do we understand that the bacteria that is currently in our gut,which help us digest food,will eat our body after we die. This is how the things are. We cannot do any thing. In this world everything is already arranged. Then why we give undue importance to our so called achievements? Everything including our family, friends,status,the money we have,was pre determined,already planned and fixed. Why we fail to understand that whosoever ordered the butterfly’s digestive system, arranged for the solar system also. If we understand this, we will throw away this heavy burden of ego at once.
There is no particular ,message in this mail. The story of mankind is strange. We just want to avoid trouble. What do we think actually? Generally speaking,the most common ideal is to be born in an environment,comfortable enough to avoid too many difficulties in life,to marry someone who won’t give you too much trouble,to have healthy children,who grow up normally again to avoid trouble and then a quiet and happy old age and not be too ill,again to avoid trouble and to pass away when one is tired of life,again because one does not want any trouble.
And troubles are just around the corner to pounce on you. The more you try to avoid them,the more they try to catch hold of you and the life is wasted in this constant struggle.
And to avoid trouble in spiritual life we grab some scripture or catch hold of some Guru,living or dead who make us mentally handicapped. We have forgotten to ask fundamental questions about life. We have to understand that human beings come into a physical body without knowing why,most of them go through life without knowing why they have their bodies and we have to begin the same thing all our again,indefinitely, until one day, someone inside us tells us,”Be careful! You know there is a purpose to all this. You are here for some particular work,don’t miss your opportunity.”
And what is this work? It is to live and enjoy our very existence. The purpose is not self enlightenment only. It’s not a Bhool Bhulaiyan. There is some higher purpose than our so called enlightenment. Please don’t stop at what these Gurus tell you ”Know Thyself”. After knowing yourself,the actual journey starts. You have to understand that journey does not stop at realizing,’I AM THAT’,rather the purpose of existence is ‘THAT’ wants to know through you WHAT IS HE ( OR SHE OR THAT).
This is the basic purpose of this whole game called cteation,existence. Therefore I urge you to throw away your scriptures,teachings. Please find and follow your inner Guru, and if that inner Guru leads you to some particular book or Guru, do go. Because then it is your instinct,your own understanding,which is directing you to them,not any outward influence. All these dead words from Granth Sahib, Quran, Gita, Bible, Sakhis or even the teachings of Masters like J.Krishnamurti,Osho, Kabir,Gorakh, Shankeracharya carry no meaning unless you discover your own truth. They all carry dead words. Why you want to become a ‘cut and paste person? Be original,be authentic. We are doing nothing but chewing these dead words like a cow. In Hindi we have a beautiful word for this,it is JUGAALI. The truth has to be your own and that is the beauty of this whole search. You have to grow and nurture your own plant to really enjoy the beauty,smell and color of the flower of your own plant. So friends either become act rue seeker or take the drugs of books and Masters and go to deep sleep.
Once again I wish you a very Happy and colorful Holi. May this time it brings lot of happiness and joy in your life.
With warm regards.
Ever yours in Baba’s grace
Sharat Bhushan.

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Mail 1 – last emails to larger audience

Posting some emails on behalf of Mr. Sharat Bhushan……please note that he used to send these emails to a large audience and has subsequently decided to curtail this activity.  These are his last three emails to the larger audience.  Posting the same for the benefit of the fellow travelers.

He will be posting on this site and his blog insight.


Mail 1 –

Sai Ram Friends,
I know this is the time to wind up and leave everything. So I am winding up this mail business. Earlier I used to send these mails only to specific people who used to come to me for spiritual guidance. After sometime I included friends, relatives,acquaintances and people who came in my contact from various fields. Probably that was a big mistake. It turned out that I am sending these mails mostly to the people who are not interested, or just read it casually. Sometimes with the sole interest to show me that they know much more than me. I had never said that I know more than anyone else. It is a strange world. One cannot claim to know even 0.1% of the total facts. I never wanted you people to think like me. My endeavor was just to make you think, that’s all.
It is journey of almost fifty years,full of experiences, good and bad both and it was my intention to share these experiences with the people. But most of us are so full of knowledge given by so called Masters, Scriptures that it is very difficult even to find a hair line crack in the stuffed heads. Most people do not listen with the intent to understand,they just listen with the intent to reply. The discussions do not remain healthy exchange of views,rather they just become exchange of bad tempers due to heated arguments in loud and arrogant voices. We always think that the other person does not know anything and we try our level best to push our views and pin the other person down by raising the voice,banging the table. We think that this way we win the argument, but do we ever understand that in our so called illusion of winning the argument, we lose a friend or a person?
This is a strange world.
I rather call it JAMBOREE OF NERDS.
There are people who live here in Delhi only. But they want all the clarifications, explanations and know how of the spiritual methods over phone,or through SMS or mail. Do they realize how much time is consumed in replying to their one line query? And they do not want to come out of their comfort zone and go through the trouble of visiting the person from whom one wants knowledge.
There are few friends,who will ask questions and when I send reply,they will contradict it and send me some links and throw some names of the persons and books,so that I can increase my knowledge. I fail to understand that questions were asked to me or I was the one who had asked the questions?
Some people will phone up and say that we were passing this way, so we thought that we should get some spiritual clarifications. Some will just drop in with all their queries, not even bothering about my health,time, inconvenience caused to the family. If one is coming as a friend,just to meet and share some good time, it is different, but if one is coming for spiritual quest one should be considerate about such things.
Some friends will phone up at odd times while they are free,or traveling or waiting for something else to utilize their time and oblige me. Why they do not want to give their quality time for talking to me for their spiritual quest or otherwise? Why they think that I have nothing else to do and I am always at their disposal?
People do not have any genuine or authentic query. They do not want any explanation. They just want to let me know how much knowledgeable they are,and try to impress on me that I do not know anything and even if per chance I know anything it is totally wrong. I had never said that I am always right but these are my independent views not polluted by scriptures or Gurus. If you have something original to say you are welcome, but please don’t push Vedas,Upanishads,Quran,Gita,Bible or your so called Masters like Osho, Kabir or even JK. They all carry dead words and I want we all should free ourselves from this burden and testing the strength of our wings take our flight in the unknown sky. There is tremendous beauty in discovering the truth on your own.
We have become closed to any suggestion and point of view. Unconsciously we follow the person who we think has some status in worldly or spiritual sense. Learning is a beautiful process. Just keep your mind and eyes open. Every moment nature is trying to teach you something new,something wonderful. If one is prepared to learn,even a small child can teach one more than our scriptures.
Therefore I feel I will post only in my blog and site.Whosoever is really interested may visit them.
Something about me. It was a strange life. I started my search from the age of 6 or 7, going to dense forests of Ganeshpuri in that age in search of Baba Nityanand and trying all possible methods for my search. I read like mad, tried to meet all the living Masters like Muktanand Baba, Osho, Anandmayi Ma, Neem karoli Baba, Meher Baba,Nisargadatta Maharaj…..list is endless.Sometimes I used to roam around in the dense forests near Rourkela with Aghoris or near Datiya with Kapaliks, keeping a skull (well hidden from the family) to drink wine during some specific rituals and those long nights in cremation grounds doing strange rituals,(I threw the skull while leaving Rourkela in Ved Vyas where I had spent numerous nights. Near Rajgangpur, in thick jungles there was a Siva temple called Ghoghad Baba. Sometimes I used to spend nights in that temple. A cobra used to come in the morning and used to spread his hood on Baba.In the night during meditation sometimes snakes used to enter inside the pant and used to give a very strange sensation) I enjoyed every moment of this journey. Sometimes I used to go to Sajjad Miyan, a great Sufi Saint near Lucknow who taught me to smoke bidi. He used to ask me to light his bidi. That time I must be in class 7th. He used to say laughingly that there are certain cells in the brain which can be activated only with tobacco and they are essential on this path. He was a strange man. In the evening he used to ask me to cover him with straw and mischievously he used to say, “Whenever you are awake, just come and check if I am alright.” Only once I went there in the night. There was no life in his body. I just sat there weeping profusely. Slowly he opened his eyes and winked at me. I can right a book about my experiences with him. He was a great Master, very loving and compassionate.
These mails sometimes become autobiographical. But a person pursuing spiritual path has to be an open book, otherwise there is no point in pursuing this path.A spiritual person should not wear any mask. The people coming to him should know his shortcomings and weaknesses.
My Guru Maharaj whom I used to call Bhaisaheb tamed me from these wild spiritual adventures with great love. He never said anything. He was one of the greatest persons I had met in life. He was living on  very meagre means, and scores of people used to come to have his darshans. Even at the age of 80 and being a family man, he was always available to his devotees. He was only living on the interest of Rs. 5 lacs deposited in the bank after selling whatever he had, but I had never seen even a single person going back without a cup of tea and some biscuits. And as soon as he was alone, he use to even switch off the fan to save the electricity bill. He has never accepted any money and there were no donations of any kind. There were judges, IAS officers, ministers and even sweepers among his devotees, but his treatment was same foe everyone. No one was VIP for him. Whatever I am today spiritually,it is due to his blessings and grace only.
I know few very hard task masters near Delhi, Bombay, Datiya, Orissa and Uttarakhand. I remain in touch with them, but I am unable to send the people to them as they are very short tempered and almost mad in divine love. They are totally unpredictable. My Guru Maharaj used to say laughingly that bhagwan ji ,you lose your temper very quickly. You are blunt and straight forward. You are truthful and honest. Don’t take anyone in your fold, never accept anyone as your disciple because people don’t want bitter truth, they want sugar candies. They will humiliate you,and try to say all sort of things. So just remain aloof.Then he used to laugh heartily and say, “I love you because you are like that. Continue like this only. This is the right path. Never change.” So I don’t have sugar coated words. I don’t conceal and hide difficulties in the spiritual journey and due to that in the worldly life.I had undergone serious depression. I was devastated but only Bhaisaheb consoled me saying that it is inevitable on this path. He used to call it spiritual cleansing. Although I had suffered in wordily life due to this, yet his words always brought me out of the gloom. People humiliated me, mocked me, but there was no way in which I can tell them what is going inside?I was never able to tell anyone the strange process going inside.
My work is almost over and when there is nothing left to burn, one has to set oneself on fire.
I try to send all the people coming to me to Guruji Sri Umeshwar Srivastava and Sriram Sir (I apologie them for the inconvenience caused due to this).I do it because they are much more advanced and evoved than me and they are very compassionate and loving with unusual powers. I feel that all these people are safe in their hands. I ADMIT THAT I CAN KNOW PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE OF ALL THE PEOPLE COMING TO ME AND i CAN READ THEIR MINDS, BUT BHAISAHEB’S STRICT INSTRUCTIONS ALWAYS REMIND ME NOT TO USE THEM. So I send all these people to them, specially Guruji Sri Umeshwar. They are in safe hands and I had also learnt a lot from them.
Man is equally incapable of seeing the nothingness from which he emerges and the infinity in which he is engulfed.
I end the first part of this last mail here only just with a small suggestion that to use our head, we have to go out of our mind. From time to time, take a honest look at yourself-“IT PAYS.” Just exchange the circle of endless karma for the spiral evolution.
With warm regards,
Always yours in Baba’s grace
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Purpose of life is not only enlightenment

Sai Ram Friends,

I want to elaborate further on Makar Sankranti and Pongal, as they are celebrated in Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu for four days successively.

Sankranti is the female aspect of The Male principle of the universe whom we call God. She slayed the asura Sankrasu on this day.

On third day of Sankranti festival in Andhra Pradesh, Kanuma is observed.

It is believed that Lord Krishna lifted Goverdhan hill to protect people of Gokul on this day.

Mukkanuma is celebrated day after and it is basically the day of feasting and merry making.

Kanuma is similar to Mattu Pongal in Tamilnadu which is dedicated to cows, bulls and other animals which are part of agrarian economy. Cattle, cattle sheds are cleaned on this day and cows are decorated with marigold flowers and are worshiped.

We will realize that basically India was an agriculture based country and all our festivals are connected with harvesting and other processes connected with cultivation of agriculture land.

Again a story for you-

“When Brother Bruno was at prayer one night, he was disturbed by the croaking of a bullfrog. All his attempts to disregard the sound were unsuccessful, so he shouted from his window,”Quiet! I’m at my prayers.”

Now brother Bruno was a saint, so his command was instantly obeyed. Every living creature held its voice so as to create a silence that would be favorable to prayer.

But now another sound intruded on Bruno’s worship-an inner voice that said,”Maybe God is as pleased with the croaking of that frog as with the chanting of your psalm.’

“What can please the ears of God in the croak of a frog?” was Bruno’s scornful rejoinder.

But the voice refused to give up.”Why would you think God invented the sound?”

Bruno decided to find out why. He leaned out of his window and gave the order,”Sing!”The bullfrog’s measured croaking filled the air to the ludicrous accompaniment of all the frogs in the vicinity. And as Bruno attended to the sound, their voices ceased to jar, for he discovered that, if he stopped resisting them, they actually enriched the silence of the night.

With that discovery Bruno’s heart became harmonious with the universe, and, for the first time in his life, he understood what it means to pray.”

Friends, it seems to me that the first question one should put to oneself is-“Why I am here?”

I can suggest some answers bur as I usually say, you have to find your own reasons and answers.

May be the purpose of life is to become conscious of THAT.

May be our mission is to manifest IT.


Do you think that Enlightenment or Nirwan or Moksha could be the ultimate goal of life, the very reason of all this drama called creation?

The whole creation, the whole universal manifestation appears at best like a very bad joke if it only comes to this.Why begin at all if it is only to get out of it! What is the use of having struggled so much, suffered so much, of having created something which, at least in its external appearance, is so tragic and dramatic, if it is simply to teach you how to get out of it-it would have been better not to begin at all.

I think the purpose of creation is to teach the entire creation the delight of being, the beauty of being, the greatness of being, the majesty of a sublime life, and the perpetual growth, perpetually progressive, of that delight, that beauty, that greatness.

That is all, nothing else.

With warm regards and once again Happy Makar Sankrant ,Lohriand Pongal to all of you.

Always yours in Baba’s grace.

Sharat Bhushan

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Sai Ram Friends,

I was reluctant in continuing this mail business. Although this mail is being forwarded to hundreds of my friends, I was really annoyed with one section of the people and I wanted to exclude them. It is a strange amalgamation of selfishness, false pride and only lies.I was particularly annoyed with this section of people whom I acquainted three years back only. But what a crowd! There is no change,not even a small one in them. They are continuing with the same unreasonable and manipulative lives thinking they own the universe and everything in it. Moreover few of them advise me to whom I should send the mail, instead of being grateful for this. Am I getting anything out of it? Instead of being thankful their attitude is somehow to stop it. I request all of you to inform me if you do not want to receive these mails, I will be very happy to exclude the people who are not interested in getting these mails. Do they know to whom these mails are also being forwarded? They cannot even imagine.

But when I expressed this to Guruji Sri Umeshawar ji that I don’t want to send these mails, he advised me not to stop them. He gave me certain reasons for it, which I cannot reveal, and since I cannot say no to him, I am back again in spite of my failing health.

But I think most of us want a MASALA MAIL, something like Russian Salad, more to entertain them instead of giving some knowledge.

So I will send such mails. It is just like as if instead of J. Krishnamurti, I should follow some Katha Vachak, who tells you story and in between can sing some bhajans on filmy parodies on harmonium.

In my mails I refrain from quoting Vedas, Upanishads, and scriptures from other religions. They are all dead books. No one will get any truth out of them because we will read them and narrate them like parrots. I do refer sometimes to the Masters I had met, but I never want you to think like me. I just want you to think. That is all. I am also a seeker and what I seek and what path I am following is totally mine. Yours will be definitely different. Every individuals path is unique,it is made for you only and no one else can travel on that except you.

This Diwali I was feeling slightly low. One of the closest persons to me was about to leave India. I was sad on this account.

There was one more reason. There was a person who used to be very close to my heart once upon a time. On this Diwali I saw that person after a gap of 9-10 months. There was a time when we used to meet or share our thoughts and feelings almost daily, but in last 3-4 years we had hardly talked over phone or met personally. Such things are not called love and relationship. Leaving all this, I was sorry to see that person, with all light, joy, innocence gone. It was clear that it is a disoriented life just being lived on impulses to project a false image.This causes lot of friction and conflict which effects overall mental and physical health. People forget that after certain age, it is only the inner beauty of your thoughts and deeds that reflects on one’s face. I had tried to give back these things to that person in the past, but now I feel helplessness as I don’t know what to do for that person. I am reluctant in interfering with any one’s destiny and that too when I had paid a heavy price for such help in the past. I was sad on this account also.

Moreover age is catching up. My legs hurt too much, body has deteriorated specially in last two-three years due to pain I had undergone, I find it very difficult to walk, read and write. But I have to fulfil my commitments, specially to the people who depend on me for all their problems.


Before that two anecdotes for you-

DAMITRI : This clarifies everything we’ve been talking about?.

TASSO : In what way ?

DIMITRI: What you call ” philosophy”, I call “a joke ”

This is our attitude towards the serious writings. We want to avoid them on one or the other pretext because they put questions to us which we always want to avoid and they challenge us to change our unconscious lives. Therefore we do not want to face these writings.

We live in illusions about ourselves and the world. We think that we are running the world and also perceive everything wrongly.

I will tell you to one beautiful anecdotes-

1, An elephant broke loose from the herd and charged across a little wooden structure that stretched across a ravine.

The worn-out bridge shivered and groaned, barely able to support the elephant’s weight.

Once it had gone safely to the other side, a flea that had logged itself in the elephant’s ear exclaimed in mighty satisfaction, “Boy, did we shake that bridge !”


2. At a party in Japan a visitor was introduced to a popular Japanese drink. After his first drink he noticed the furniture in the room moving around.

“This is a powerful drink”, he said to his host.

“Not particularly,” the host replied. “This happens to be an earthquake.”


So something for your physical well being-

1.There is syndrome , a sort of mental disorder which is called SAD ( Seasonal Affective Disorder ).We all must have encountered the same during change of weather specially. It causes gloominess, a feeling not to exert ourselves to the daily routine things and work, restlessness and insomnia. It is due to suppressed Serotonin during that time. To overcome that unknowingly we take Carbohydrate-rich food, coffee and so called energy drinks which suppress the Serotonin further. Avoid them and take something nourishing for the brain.

2. Cabbage is a neglected vegetable as far as it’s therapeutic properties are concerned. A cup of cabbage juice daily can do the following-

a) Lowers risk of lung, colon, stomach, prostrate cancer

b)Overcomes Degenerative inflammatory disease, helps in Arthritis, Asthma and Bronchitis and respiratory tract infections.

c) Boost immune system, removes gastric ulcers, lowers cholesterol and detox liver.

d) It is a powerful Anti oxidant which is helpful in viral infection.

e) While it is rich in Iron it prevents cardiac infections and helps in losing weight.

There is the third one-a wonder remedy for so many problems-

–Take 2 Tbs each of Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice and I Tbs of Cinnaman powder. Blend them in one glass of water and drink in empty stomach preferably.

It burns fat, helps in losing weight, fight diabetes and lowers blood pressure.


I hope everyone will be benefitted by these preparations.

Now some spiritual ponderings-

I always say that al the books and so called Masters have misguided us unintentionally. It is really wrong to say that we should find out “Who am I?” What purpose will be solved if we know that We are That or I AM THAT ? After that what ? Do we understand that why this creation took place? He wanted to know about Himself. What am I? WHO AM I?. THESE WERE THE QUESTIONS BEFORE HIM. THAT WAS THE BASIC PURPOSE OF ALL THIS DRAMA. THEREFORE OUR SEARCH SHOULD BE BEYOND  “Who am I?” TO ” Who is He?” Please do not jump to the conclusion that He is ME. First search. The search is rather for who is He that who am I.

Swami Vivekanand has put it beautifully-

” The Self, The Knower, The Lord of All, The Real Being is the cause of all the vision that is in the Universe, but it is impossible for Him to see Himself or know Himself, excepting through reflection. You cannot se your own face except in a mirror, and so the Self, cannot see its own nature until it is reflected , and this whole Universe therefore is the Self trying to realise itself.”

We have to understand that we are just the means, vehicles, the computers for Him so that He can collect the data and He analyse it to know Himself. I put one more question. What if , although He is the reason of present creation, He is the Creator yet He does not know why this all is happening ? Is it that the everything is self evolved as Stephens Hawkins put?

But there are certain pre-requisites for being His vehicle or instrument consciously. He can use us without our knowledge, when we are unconscious as usual. But once we are aware, fully conscious we become a co-traveller. We search along with Him and that is the goal and beauty of spiritual journey. We become His partners in the search of His and ours Identity.

Life is a mystery which cannot be understood unless we surrender our intellect which cannot gasp its expansive and infinite nature, its real meaning and fullness. We have to be humble, bow down low, become full of love and compassion only then we can start knowing life’s meaning and we can be happy.

This happiness can never be found through selfish desires. In fact these selfish cravings only increases our desires, similar to how the sacrificial fire flames up when butter is poured into it.

Please stop quoting and narrating scriptures  which simply gives you the false illusion that you know everything. This is nothing but play of intellect, illusion created by Him and this is called Maya. Unknowable cannot be known by these limited tools.

So even the desire to know oneself should be vanquished. There should be just total surrender without any inquiry, without any desire as no meditation, no chanting and no effort is required. And then everything will be revealed in that silence.

I hope you all have enjoyed this MASALA MAIL

With warm regards

Always yours in Baba’s grace

Sharat Bhushan

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There are no reasons in life

Sai Ram friends,
I remember a very famous dialogue from the famous novel “Godfather “-The Don used to say whenever he wanted to get things done as per his wishes,”I’ll reason with him”.Isn’t it what we are trying to do all the time,giving reasons to all our actions and finding reasons for Nature or God’s actions.
Do we understand what is the main cause of all conflicts and sufferings?It is nothing but the search for reasons.We justify our actions,saying there is a reason behind them.Not only actions,but our motives,ambitions,desires,cunningness,manipulative nature,our ruthlessness,everything has a reason.We justify all our actions in the light of some or the other reason.It is an unreasonable life built on the foundations of reasons.
But have we ever paused and thought about this vast Universe and Nature? Does it has any reason,purpose or motive?Is there any reason in that solitary cloud floating in the vast sky? Is there any reason behind a small child’s innocent smile? I s there any reason behind singing of birds and blooming of a flower?Do we perceive any reason for the creation of this world?Do we understand that this is simply a play or Leela of God? The gigantic ocean,that vibrant river,that solitary tree slowly decaying in the desert,do they all have any reason?In life most of the things have no reason.So why we cannot simply enjoy the unfolding of this whole drama called life?
The biggest exponent of reasoning was Kant. In the history of mankind no one had reasoned so much as Kant had done.But if you read his mammoth “Critique Of Pure Reasons”,you will understand it is written by a person who was not adventurous at all and had kept himself away from the beauty of nature,art and music.The reason took him to the verge of madness.He didn’t know that beauty and art of living is in awareness not in not in reasoning.
We have forgotten to do things just for the pleasure of doing them.We do them with certain motives only, whether it is reading,painting,writing poetry.Due to this all our relationships are based on motives,thinking and reasons,thinking how to use and manipulate others.Do we know how much happy we are when we do things without any motive or reason? It is just like that,”When you start a painting just for the sake of painting,you will discover yourself.”
We are an expression of the Infinite Consciousness of The Universe manifested in a third dimensional vibration.Nothing can influence us,unless we agree to it,say “yes” to it.When we realize that this is just a game,a drama to be played out all our sufferings are over.Knowing who and what we are is our greatest power.No external fight is necessary,only an internal revolution can set you free.JUST STAND IN YOUR OWN SOVEREIGNTY.
Sir,are we prepared to live in true sense or we want to continue to live in that unconscious state,which we call life?
I can only say this-
With sincere love and warm regards,
Ever your’s in Baba’s grace
Sharat Bhushan

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Some sms’es over past few months

Dear Friends,

Usually I send sms to a group of people I know……posting some of them for your reading and reflections.

Sai Ram Friends.”When I stand before my Creator at the end of my life,I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say,”I used everything you gave me.” Regards, Sharat Bhushan



Sai Ram friends,We are full of complaints against God or Nature or World for our unfulfilled desires or the things not going our way.Do we realize that this world is painted by us on the screen of consiousness and it is entirely our responsibility,it is entirely our own pvt world.We guide our lives with the light of our own actions, then just think how life can be unfair? Regards. Sharat

Sai Ram,Today is Hanuman Jayanti and b’day of the great enlightened master Nisargadatta Maharaj. With the wishes that Lord Hanuman blesses you with strength, fearlessness and devotion to Rama,I wish Maharaj happy b’day and want to share his saying-‘Once you realize that all comes from within,that the world in which you live is not projected onto you,but by you,your fear will come to an end.’ Regards. Sharat

Sai Ram Friends.Sri Ram Sir always used to say  that everything in life is predetermined, predestined and predesigned and unchangeable.But we were not able to comprehend, appreciate the same.”If it is so and there is no free will,then what about my achievements which are results of my hard work?And if my misfortune and failure cannot be altered then what is God?”Probably Sir stopped discussing it as it was difficult to soothe the people’s psyche for this stark reality of life.I will give a small analogy.Life is like a movie running in theater with the script,dialogue already written.The sequence and shots were already decided.It is not possible to change the scene while movie is running.The only way is to call all the reels from all the cinema halls and do the required editing and in the process kill the movie.Therefore like movie,nothing can be changed in life.(with apologies to Sir)Regards.Sharat.



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Meaning of Navratras

Sai Ram Friends and Jai Durge,

Of late my health is not allowing me to send my regular messages to you in time.I know,it has been a long gap.Sometimes I am busy and sometimes even if there is nothing else to do,I want to sit still in total silence,without any inward or outward movement.I think that I had said enough and now there is no need to say anything further.

But today I want to say something about Navratras,Durga Saptashati.I think,I’ll not be able to complete the whole thing in one mail but let us see how much we can share?

Basically Navratras are the period when we can put all our efforts to awaken the Kundalini.Whether it is Durga Saptashati or Ramcharit Manas,both are the anthologies of Awakening of Kundalini.It is a complete systematic scientific procedure.If you don’t want to awaken The Kundalini,don’t use both of them as Tantrik Text.They are also beautiful devotional texts for praying and receiving blessings from Ma Bhasgwati and Bhagwan Ram.I always insist that it is better if you read Ramcharitmanas or Ramraksha Stotra alongwith Durga Saptashati during Navratras.Both will help you in this mundane world as well as the other world.Besides Durga Saptashati you can also read Bhavani Stuti,Pratyangara Stotra,Ma  Vindhyawasini Stotra,Baglamukhi Stotra,Ma Kamakhya Stotra,.MaSankata Stotra,Kali StotraAnd Dasham Vidya.Choice is yours.

Before you start your Nvaratri Pooja,invoke Ganapati and pray to your Guru Maharaj.This is essential so that there is no hindrance in your pooja.

Have you ever thought,why these are called Navratras and not Navdiwas?There are various reasons for the same.The first is that in daylight lot of external activities are going on and due this there is tremendous increase in internal movement of thought.Secondly it’s a peculiar thing that the prayers in thought form do not travel smoothly in the presence of Sun Light.Thirdly the night is always considered to be more potent for Sakti Pooja,as night is considered to be manifestation of The Mother and also it is more easier to have psychic contact with different energy centers in the night.

The final goal of Navratras is dissolution of ego.The paradox is that even if you do good deeds,the maximum result will be that you will go to heaven or take rebirth to enjoy your good past karmas.But when ego is annihilated there is Chitta Shuddhi and one is free from the fruits of Karmas and rebirth.

During Navratras the Mother aspect of God is worshipped as Mahakali(or Durga),Mahalaxmi and Maha Saraswati.The Durga Saptashati reveals the way in which Mother leads the soul to the ultimate victory over demonic qualities.These Madhu Kaitabh,Shumbh,Nishumbh etc, are nothing but the symbolic representation of various demonic qualities like ego,anger,lust etc.These are the dark forces.Life is an area where dark forces fight with those of light.With the pooja on Navratras,we enhance the power of the forces of light so that the senses and mind are controlled and the desires emanating from the lower self are curtailed.

In Durga or Mahakali aspect the Mother destroys these demonic qualities of impurities.In second aspect of Mahalaxmi,Mother develops divine qualities of purity,compassion,love etc.brings steadiness in the Chitta and the duality of mind is destroyed.In the third aspect of Mahasaraswati,Mother tears the veil of ignorance and reveals the splendor of consciousness.

We have to remember that Mother is confounded by darkness.Therefore She is worshiped as Night.The hymns of Ratri Sukta are for worshiping the Mother as night.Because darkness of night represents Maya,covering our mind with ignorance.But we glides to dawn(Usha again is another aspect of Mother)through darkeness only.Therefore it is essential to read Ratri Sukta during Navratras.The dense darkness is represented by Kali,the movement towards dawn by Laxmi and the dawn or golden Sunrise is represented by Saraswati.Therefore it is necessary first to get the grace of Mahakali,then Mahalaxmi and Mahasaraswati in that order for ultimate realization.

Mother is Sakti.It is in the form of Jnana Sakti,Ichcha Sakti and Kriya Sakti.She gives you Bhoga(the enjoyment of world)along with Moksha(the liberation).As Mahakali it destroys gross obstacles in the physical plane,the subtle obstacles in causal plane.As Mahalaxmi,She sustains and nourishes the constructive expression of the soul.If Durga destroys worn out palace,Laxmi erects a shining Mansion,where Durga performs surgery,Laxmi does the healing and Saraswati decorates the Mansion on this body by revealing the potential of the latent power of soul.

This world is Trigunatmika-Tamas in the form Durga,Rajas in Laxmi and Sattwa in Saraswati.Durga if pleased destroys worldly enemies,but if displeased causes manifold miseries in human life.Laxmi bestows material wealth,but if displeased,causes delusion,infatuation,attachment and hatred.Saraswati bestows knowledge,but if displeased deludes a person’s mind by filling it with vanity,pride,passion and restlessness.

So what is Mother?She is tenderness in women,hardness in men,patience in adversities,impatience in weak minded,cruelty in cruel,compassion in saint,desire in worldly person,desirelessness in the wise,temptation for the aspirant,also the strength to overcome temptation,She is the light of the enlightened.In short whatever exists in this creation that is Mother only.

You have to understand that even in the adversities of life Her compassion is operating.She is nothing but compassion.

Now few points for meditating on Mother during Navratras-

1. Start with focusing on Kriya Sakti,considering vast physical world as a surging ocean of energy.Feel as if you are permeated by Universal Energy being an integral part of the Creation.

2.Then focus your mind at the Navel Center and feel that Kundalini is awake in that center,mentally visualizing Ma Durga(Kriya Sakti)operating in physical world.Feel as if you are one with Her and it is removing all sense of weakness from your body and mind.

3.Now focus on the subtle and more pervasive form of energy-Ichcha Sakti or Psychic Energy,which is behind your thoughts.Understand and pay attention to the power of that energy which makes your thoughts so potent.

4.Focus your mind on Heart Center and feel as if Kundalini is awake there,Visualize mentally Laxmi,who is Ichcha Sakti or Mental Energy.Feel yourself one with Her and assert that my mind is filled with dynamic energy and my thoughts,will are all powerful.You will have no room for worry,anxiety,negativity.

5.Shift to the sbtlest form i.e.Jnana Sakti,energy of wisdom or intuitive mind.Think that divine intelligence is permeating you and”I AM THAT”

6.Focus on Ajna Chakra and feel that Kundalini is radiating from this center.Mentally visualize Ma Saraswati and just feel that Cosmic knowledge has removed all ignorance of darkness and endowed you with knowledge and wisdom forever.This is the ultimate state.

I am sorry,I had not been able to give all the details of pooja and the hidden meaning of Durga Saptashati and Navratras.The subject is vast and we know that Mother is infinite,uncomprehendable.So how a trifle person like me can describe Her?

So friends,please try to get Her love,compassion and blessings.



With warm regards and wishing you very happy Navratras and Ram Navami

Always your’s in Baba’s Grace

Sharat Bhushan

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