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Some thought about Mind,Maya,God and Consciousness

From childhood the most fascinating thing for me was Mind and functions of brain.Probably this curiosity was the beginning of my spiritual journey.Afterwards the concept of God,Maya,and Consciousness were added to this list. I just do not remember who has written these lines,but I love them,”Gracious one play,your head is an empty shell wherein your mind frolics infinitely.”First we have to realize that factually our Mind is fragment of the Universal Mind.The sum total of the individual minds is nothing but the Universal Mind.But it’s functioning gets jeopardized by Maya.This Maya not only effects our individual minds but it also effects Universal Mind and our so called Gods.I’ll give you … Continue reading

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Is there any purpose for the creation?

OM GUM GANPATAYE NAMAH OM SHRI GURUVE NAMAH OM SRI SAINATHAY NAMAH Firstly I want to thank my friends who have made this site and insist me to write something,knowing fully,that whatever I say is probably meaningless and does not serve any purpose.So for their sake from today i.e.18/11/2012,I am starting to put my astray thoughts and hope that I will be able to keep on writing some irrelevant things in the same.It is up to you to find some meaning in it. The very first issue I want to touch is “The purpose of creation”or “The purpose of human life”From the time I had started my spiritual journey,few people … Continue reading

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