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Sai Ram Friends, For the last several years,people come to me stating that they want enlightenment.They also ask me to show the way or tell them some technique for the same.Whenever this question is asked,for few moments I am not able to give any reply.Every time I dive deep into the depth of my mind to search for an answer,but I had never been able to find one.I have to simply tell them that I have no clue about Enlightenment and I don’t think that I can give any authentic reply as I am not Enlightened,but let us take this opportunity to enquire about Enlightenment.I have to ask them,do you … Continue reading

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Sai Ram Friends, We always think that thinker is separate from the thought.  It is not so. Before understanding this fact one has to understand mind and it’s working.  Thoughts are always generated by the mind.  This mind projects everything,conceivable or inconceivable.  Mind projects the whole world with the sole purpose of experiencing it.  Therefore mind is always starved for experiences.But mind can survive in duality only and for that thought is it’s most potent tool.  How it works?  This is the trick of mind that it forces the being to choose.  Once we understand this mechanism of mind,we will be able to get away from the clutches of thought. … Continue reading

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SMS’s to fellow travellers

Dear all, I usually send out sms’es to people whom I know.  Select few sms’es sharing with you below. Sai Ram Friends,Sometimes people come to me and say,we want to see God.I always tell them that before we start the search,some basic issues should be settled.Firstly,how do you know there is a God?Probably someone has told you so,or you have inferred the same somehow.If He is there,why He should meet you?Even if He is prepared to meet you,what purpose will it serve?Do you want to see Him to satisfy your curiosity,or there is something else?The best thing is that,after I ask these questions,they don’t come back. Regards. Sharat. Sai Ram,these … Continue reading

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