Some thought about Mind,Maya,God and Consciousness

From childhood the most fascinating thing for me was Mind and functions of brain.Probably this curiosity was the beginning of my spiritual journey.Afterwards the concept of God,Maya,and Consciousness were added to this list.
I just do not remember who has written these lines,but I love them,”Gracious one play,your head is an empty shell wherein your mind frolics infinitely.”First we have to realize that factually our Mind is fragment of the Universal Mind.The sum total of the individual minds is nothing but the Universal Mind.But it’s functioning gets jeopardized by Maya.This Maya not only effects our individual minds but it also effects Universal Mind and our so called Gods.I’ll give you one example.In our Puranas and scriptures there are so many instances that describe that Siva did this on Parvati’s insistence or Narayan and Krisna did this on the insistence of Laxmi or Radha.Most of these stories are related to that mutual attraction,action and fascination between that Eternal Male and Female Principle.It is nothing but the projection of Maya on The Universal Mind.But it is necessary because without it the duality cannot survive ans when there is no duality,there is no world,no existence.We have to understand that search of God or being one with the Universal Consciousness is nothing but to find out the un realities of this world whose nature is hallucinatory.Whatever is projected on the Universal Mind is unreal and it is nothing but Maya.Due to this Maya,the individual mind has the illusion that whatever is inside us and outside us is divisible and separate.We have to understand that the Universal Consciousness is one and is indivisible whether it is inside us or outside us.It cannot be divided in space and time as it contains space and time both within itself.But as our fragmentary mind fragments this continuous,indivisible Consciousness or Universal Mind,we consider it illusory,deceptive.Therefore what mind wants to assume?We know that the scriptures,saints,gurus try to reinforce this thought that everything is unreal,everything is illusory and Maya.Only “I” is the real thing and that “I AM THAT”Except that everything is Maya.

At least they agree that in this unreal world something is real.When everything is unreal then this world is a dream which we are dreaming and our indivdual dream is nothing but the part of that Universal dream.So logically in this world everything is a dream,illusory,But then who is dreaming this dream?

As Gurdjieff and some ancient traditions,Mystics and now also the Modern Science say that we are product of some very advanced civilization living thousands of light years away from the earth,or we are just mental projection of some unknowable mythical entity,or some real entity has created us in dream and now it is just observing,witnessing us,our every movements,all our emotions,actions,pleasures,sorrows,joys,agonies.But if it is truth,the basic question is whether they are simply observing us or they are also controlling us and our actions?Or we are just a reality show on TV for them?Probably this question can never be answered as it includes the whole concept of Free-Will,pre determinism,and the thought that every thing is predestined.

Since the world is nothing but projection of Mind,Mind and world are not separate and world being the projection of Mind is false.But since the Mind and projected world are same,Is it that Mind is also false?Because JK has said that the observer and the observed are one.Mind and World are one,because it is Mind only which is observing the world after its projection.We have to understand one basic thing which is apparent in our daily dreams,that the dreamer who is dreaming the dream is also a dream.In this life nothing exists on its own and without Mind. Nothing is separate from Mind.Mind has created this imaginary world,and it is Mind only which is participating in all activities of Universe and they are relative and controlled or projected by Mind only.Otherwise the dream called creation cannot continue.How the Mind controls everything we can understand from modern Physics or Quantum Physics.We have to realize that Mind is the cause of all actions,all movements of our lives.Therefore all activities are related to mind only.Therefore Mind is the observer and the mind is being observed.The most complicated thing is that when different Minds observe the same thing the behavior of the thing being observed changes according to the observer.Like in classical Quantum Physics the knowledge of the behavior of particle is relative to the observer.It is never absolute knowledge.Therefore the Quantum Physics stipulates that the,”OBSERVER ALTERS THE OBSERVED BY MERE ACT OF OBSERVATION.”If we become aware of ourselves,we will recollect that whenever we felt that we are being observed,our behavior changed.We are never authentic,we are just different from what we are when we are away from prying eyes.Therefore we constantly try to create an image and we are nothing but that projected image.Therefore our main task in this world is nothing but to build an image,and pretend that we are nothing but that image.But in reality what happens is that in this world one image is interacting with another image.Not only that,we have different image of the person who is trying to project some particular image.Therefore there is nothing but confusion,conflict and chaos because the whole affair is nothing but the interaction of images.We Think that the only purpose of living is to gain that knowledge which we can apply for our gains and use.But we have to understand that whatever we know is fragmented and it is nothing but a form of ignorance.We are just collecting information and increasing knowledge about everything by this fragmented mind without the most important tool we had been given and that is INTUITION.The intuition gives us complete perspective,an insight into the subject and the mind moves in totality.It is important because when the mind is discovered in totality,the fullness of life is realized,and as mind is interwoven with life,with the realization of fullness of life,mind dissolves into The Self,that Self which is inclusive of all that exists,in unlimited and infinite in its vastness.Probably this is Samadhi,Moksha or Realization,whatever we call it.Since the Mind is total sum of human experiences,we have to understand that action and the resulting events are also sustained by mind only.

The basic problem of the human being is that we do not have the full knowledge of Mind and it’s intricacies.The lack of knowledge makes us restless.We have to understand that it is Mind which is responsible for what one is and also for all the circumstances that one has drawn to himself.We have to understand that for all our sentiments,success,failure,physical and psychological disease,Mind is the only source and that Mind is not completely based upon one’s experiences of the present life only,nor it is limited and constrained by hereditary and our environmental factors,it is based on experiences and impressions of various past lives.It survives the death of the body.Not only that as it is there after the physical death,it projects and creates another body.That is what we call rebirth.So basic thing to know God and Maya is to know the Mind.When we know the Mind,we become one with the Universal Mind or that Universal Consciousness which Creates all,Sustains all and Destroys all.And above all it is the Witness of all this.Once we understand this we are out of the clutches of Maya or illusion.This is the whole game.





About majesumf

I don't have a biography.I was not an event.I am a process,may be a programmed one,who came with some fixed inputs and always tried to break the limits of the programme to understand this whole phenomenon of what we call life.I am a traveler,for millions and million years,as ancient as this creation and also God.May be He is trying to discover Himself through me.Time is short and journey is long.You all are invited to this endless journey,which will not take you anywhere,but I promise you that you will enjoy the scenery and unexpected visions throughout.
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  1. vipul rastogi says:

    Waiting for the answer to the question at the end…..or is mind playing its tricks again, trying to fanthom the unfanthomable. Still will await the answer or will stop asking the questions and accept what is and not what it was or could be.

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