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For the last several years,people come to me stating that they want enlightenment.They also ask me to show the way or tell them some technique for the same.Whenever this question is asked,for few moments I am not able to give any reply.Every time I dive deep into the depth of my mind to search for an answer,but I had never been able to find one.I have to simply tell them that I have no clue about Enlightenment and I don’t think that I can give any authentic reply as I am not Enlightened,but let us take this opportunity to enquire about Enlightenment.I have to ask them,do you know what is Enlightenment?I had not received any satisfactory reply from any of them so far.The most disappointing thing is that not only ordinary people like us,but also so called Enlightened Masters are not able to say anything with clarity and surety about the whole thing.

Is it that Enlightenment is an illusion?Or it is just a concept?Or it is a thought?Or a trick played by the mind to engage us in some futile activity?Always searching,always inquiring and ultimately realizing that everything is futile,all efforts are useless,just Let Go everything.Is it enlightenment or ultimate defeat,accepting that we cannot find it.And our search ends,we feel that we have attained Enlightenment,as Buddha has described.Is this state,Enlightenment or Realization or it is another Utopia?No one can say for sure.

We had been told since ages that we should do this,do that or should not do this or that to get enlightened.No body has told us clearly what is Enlightenment?Is it all light?Or darkness?Or silence?Or thoughtlessness?Or one becomes all powerful having all the Siddhis?Or you are always happy?Or there is no sorrow?Or you are one with the God?But then what is God?What is that state and how we are one with God?And how will it happen?It is an uncharted journey,and whatever so called Gurus say,there are no signposts.

People say if your Kundalini is awakened and pierces Crown Chakra,you become Enlightened and there will be total bliss,light once you are Enlightened,or you will have such and such vision,if you get Enlightened.I just ask,why these states are called states of Enlightenment and what happens to a human being and his mind once he is Enlightened.

Whatever we know about Enlightenment is just second hand information from some Guru,or scripture or our own idea based on some hypothetical concept.Firstly we have to search if there is really something known as Enlightenment?And what happens to Enlightened people once they die?Whenever these Enlightened people leave this world,afterwards we try to investigate the whole phenomenon,their minds and their experiences.Modern science,modern psychology,biology concludes either these experiences and revelations were hallucinations or religious ecstasy or some malfunctioning of the brain.They cite the examples of Sri Ramkrisna Paramhansand so many Sufi Saints(MASTS) etc for the same.

Some secret Mystery Schools,say that we cannot be Enlightened.We can never see God face to face and we would be never able to know Him.At the most we can get merged in Him,we lose the individual identity and become one with the Universal Consciousness.What is this game and what is the purpose of all this?Is it that the purpose of creation is this only?It is said that creation took place as He wanted to know Himself,or He was alone.But if He wanted to know Himself, does the merger of individual consciousness in Universal Consciousness,solve this purpose?In this particular process how He will know Himself?It is a riddle.

Due to this predicament we never want to question our motives.In reality we neither want God nor the Enlightenment.We never want to go to a person,who can really solve this dilemma.We simply want the authority of Religion and its Institutes.Because of this  the mystery of Enlightenment or God and His miracle are being monopolized and administered by the so called Gurus and  institutes so that we are taught not to serve as God wants.rather as these people tell us.It gives us a lighter burden to carry because they preach,explain,select the truth,show the way for Enlightenment.We fail to understand that this way we surrender the freedom of our thought to them and it is a very high price to pay.So it is necessary to understand that we have to search for the meaning of Enlightenment ourselves rather accepting the ready made answers from the Gurus or scriptures.

Why we think that after Nirvana or Enlightenment or Realization,there will not be rebirth?Is it that after realization, mind will not survive and due to this it will not acquire a new body?But if it exists or survives in some other way what will happen and why extinction of mind is nirvana,if I as an individual entity is not able to say anything about it?Why not Enlightenment is the realization as though I had come from a land where nothing else was living and after Enlightenment,I’ll be back to it,totally alone,without any company?Is it frightening?Do we get Enlightened when we are able to say no to everything including Enlightenment?When we are not bound by any concept including even Enlightenment?

That great mystic Ramprasad once said-“Who knows how Kali is?The six systems of philosophy cannot have the vision of Her;She is soul of souls,so your soul can probably understand not the intellect.Kali is black,when there is nothing…the object beyond Gunas is called “KAAL” or “MAHAKAAL”.The Sakti of that Mahakaal is Kaali.Kaali stands atop Mahakaal.Mahakaal is like a corpse,unable to perform any work.But with Kaali on His breast,He is all powerful”Is it that becoming like a corpse is Enlightenment and to understand that duality between the inactive principle and active principle of creation is ultimate realization?

As Swami Anirvan has said,”Basically the whole purpose of trying to get realized is nothing but fighting with settled habits if the mind,with ingrained disposition,with deep rooted nescience,ego,desires and aversions.It requires opening out of the mind to higher truth,the cultivation of a heart that waits and watches and receives in wise passiveness.”

Basically we search for the Enlightenment as we feel that we are limited.It is the search of individual consciousness for the Universal Consciousness.Irony is that it will be never be able to find the same.The only thing you will be able to know is that Enlightenment,Emptiness,Thoughtlessness everything is a concept and you are beyond all the concepts.Everything becomes emptiness without the one who is experiencing.Do you want to realize that state,when you are apparently absent?Please understand that it is all ego shattering experience,the ultimate hammer to break you into very tiny pieces and throw in the sea,so that you are never able to find your individuality.Are you aspiring for the same?

Probably the only tool left for Enlightenment is self-inquiry.As Ramana Maharishi said just to find out ‘Who Am I “But we have understood this wrongly.He didn’t mean that you will find that “I”.He simply meant that with time,as your inquiry becomes more intense,the question will drop and ultimately,then there will be no inquiry,no enquirer and nothing to be inquired.This is known as Zero-State,the state of No-Experience.We perceive the whole game wrongly as we have some second hand information about Enlightenment,and we have some specific concept and image about the same.The only thing is that you have to simply find out” Who is the Seeker?”

Just ask,prior to this “I’,who wanted to be Enlightened,what was existing?Or nothing was existing.So from where this “I”,who wants the Enlightenment came into existence?You have to simply find out who the seeker is?

You will ultimately realize that you are nothing and since you are nothing,there is no Time and since there is no Time,there is no existence,even Enlightenment is not there.

The only Enlightenment is that when you feel sleepy-sleep,when hungry-eat,when thirsty-drink,but do it totally without any choice,without any like or dislike,without any affinity or aversion.That is Enlightenment,when no question are asked and no answers are sought,there is no “I” to realize it,because if Enlightenment is thoughtlessness,silence,emptiness,who is there to experience it?And till the time there is some one to experience Can Enlightenment happen?





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I don't have a biography.I was not an event.I am a process,may be a programmed one,who came with some fixed inputs and always tried to break the limits of the programme to understand this whole phenomenon of what we call life.I am a traveler,for millions and million years,as ancient as this creation and also God.May be He is trying to discover Himself through me.Time is short and journey is long.You all are invited to this endless journey,which will not take you anywhere,but I promise you that you will enjoy the scenery and unexpected visions throughout.
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    After reading such a Confronting Article,Really shocked to feel that I have been be fooling myself over something that is uncertain in itself. Is persuing Enlightenment, just another Activity to pass time like other hobbies ? What is the purpose of the life ? just read the Scriptures and feel better than others ? Why are the thing so complex ? Has the Enlightenment become another Flourishing Commercial Activity/Business that plays with my Emotions? At present I am engaged only in this field and if the field itself is Illusion,what about my efforts ?Unable to think anymore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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