On the Great Ramakrishna Paramhansa

Sai Ram Friends,



(Constant saluation be to Ramkrishna,the Free,the Isvara,the

Siva-form,by whose power we and whole world are blessed.-Swami


It has been a very long gap.I was not able to send messages due to

health problem and a very hectic schedule.Sometimes I tried to sit on

the lap top,but every time there was no willingness to type

anything.Is it that the time to go into total silence has come?I don’t

know.It all started from Radha Ashtami.I was not able to type anything

in spite of all my efforts.There  was another surprising

thing,Sometimes I used to write lot of things on lose sheets,some

stray thoughts or some pondering.I had written lot of papers on

Radhaji,Thakur and other enlightened Masters and some papers on the

negative impact of Net and on world economic situation,but whenever I

try to search them,they are not traceable.But I forced myself to write

something about that indescribable phenomenon called Ramkrishna


On Wednesday,March 13th,it was 178TH birthday of Ramkrishna

Paramhans,and I thought I should come out of that deep slumber and try

to say something about that most mysterious phenomenon in the history

of spirituality.There is no parallel of Thakur.As Sri Aurbindo

said,”Sri Ramkrishna represents a synthesis of all the leaders

(spiritual),It follows that the movement of his age will unify and

organize the more provincial and fragmentary movements of the past.”

Who was Ramakrishna ?Is it possible to comprehend my beloved

Thakur?Who can know him?He is always an unknowable mystery,the

ultimate statement in the book of spirituality.He was Siva dancing his

cosmic dance and he was Mother Kali,ever enchanting and mother of all

Swami Vivekanand said once-“The time was ripe for one to be born who

in one body would have brilliant intellect of Shankara and the

wonderful expansive,infinite heart of Chaitanya;one who would see in

every sect the same spirit working,the same God;one who would see God

in every being,one whose heart would weep for the poor,for the

weak,for the outcast,for the downtrodden,for every one in the

world,inside India or outside India;and at the same time whose grand

brilliant intellect would conceive of such noble thoughts as would

harmonize all conflicting sects,not only in India but outside

India,and bring a marvelous harmony,the universal religion of head and

heart into existence.Such a man was born…He was a strange man,this

Ramkrishna Paramhans.”

In this mail I will not give my own experiences about Thakur,which I

had during my spiritual journey.They were very deep and need lot of

explanations,rather I will try to give views of few of his

contemporaries and his devotees,so that you can have a glimpse of that

towering personality who was not less than God for me and millions of


Firstly what Thakur said about himself-“He who dwells in me tells me

beforehand what particular class of devotees will come to me.When I

have vision of Gaurana,I know that devotees of Gauranga are

coming.When I have vision of Kali,the Saktas come.God Himself dwells

in this body.It is He who,of His own accord,is working with these

devotees.I have practised all kinds of sadhana;jnanayoga,karmyoga and

bhaktiyoga.I have even gone through the exercise of hathayoga to

increase longevity.There is another Person dwelling in this

body.Otherwise after attaining samadhi,how could I live with the

devotees and enjoy the love of God .Koar Singh used to say to me;”I

have never before seen a person who has returned from the plane of

samadhi.You are none other than Nanak.”

During the period when Charles Darwin was trying to decipher “The

Origin of Species”,John Stuart Mill was publishing his most famous

essay “On Liberty”Kipling was publishing his first volume of patriotic

verses,one rustic,simple man was teaching his handful devotees,the art

of spirituality.He was Gadadhar or better known as Ramkrishna

Paramhans,lovingly called by his disciples as Master and Thakur.In

that solitary corner of the world,what this man was teaching?I will

give few illustrations.He said-“To know many things is

ignorance-ajnana,to know only one thing is knowledge-jnana;knowledge

that God alone is real and that it is He who dwells in all.And to talk

with God is still further knowledge-vijnana.Vijnana is the loving of

God in various ways,after His realization.God is beyond one and

two.God is beyond speech and mind.To ascend from God’s

play-in-the-world to His eternity,and to descend again from the

Eternal to the Play is called mature devotion.”

Thakur always used to be in Mahabhav.Mahabuhav is the culmination of

the long agony of yearning for union with the Absolute.During the

earlier years of his devotion he had experienced many

visions,like-“When I meditated,I would see vividly a person sitting

near me with a trident in his hand.He would threaten to strike me with

the weapon unless I fixed my mind on the Lotus feet of God.He would

warn me that his trident would pierce my breast if my attention

strayed from God.Once I was meditating under the ubel tree when

“Sin”appeared before me and tempted me in various ways.He came to me

in the form of an English soldier.He wanted to give me

wealth,honour,sex-pleasure,various occult powers,and such things.I

began to pray to the divine Mother.(And now I am telling you something

very secret.)The Mother appeared.I said to Her,”Kill him Mother!”I

remember still that form of the Mother,Her world-bewitching beauty.She

came in the form of a young girl;but it seemed as if the world weare

moved by Her glance.”

And what a Mahabhav-“My joy after the experience of mahabhava was

equal to the pain I suffered before it.It shakes the body and the mind

to their foundation.It is like a huge elephant’s entrance into little

hut.The hut is shaken to its foundation.Perhaps it falls apart.The

fire of pain of this experience is not an ordinary feeling.It is said

that the fire of this anguish,in Rupa and Sanatana,scorched the leaves

of the tree under which they sat.I was three days unconscious in that

state of God-consciousness I could not move.I lay in one place.When I

was being overpowered by that state,I felt as if a ploughshare were

passing through my backbone.I cried out,”Oh,I am dying!I am dying!’But

afterwards I was filled with great joy.”

I know this state Thakur,that anguish,that state of helplessness,agony

and I try to discourage all the people who come to me for the search

of God.I tell them it is better to pursue the worldly things because

the pain on this path is unbearable.All these present day Masters are

lying to you.They are exploiting you for their own benefits.There is

no bliss on this path initially and moreover it is a full time

occupation,not a part time hobby.Most of them go away,but few persist

and I work on them knowing fully that they will have to face this

unbearable agony one day.

I can just go on as far as Thakur is concerned.But who is

interested?It is just my love and duty to Thakur to say something

about him,so that I can just kindle the fire in you with the hope that

one day it becomes that great fire which consumes your false world and

make you free from its MAYA.

With warm regards,

Ever Yours in Thakur and Baba’s grace

Sharat Bhushan

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I don't have a biography.I was not an event.I am a process,may be a programmed one,who came with some fixed inputs and always tried to break the limits of the programme to understand this whole phenomenon of what we call life.I am a traveler,for millions and million years,as ancient as this creation and also God.May be He is trying to discover Himself through me.Time is short and journey is long.You all are invited to this endless journey,which will not take you anywhere,but I promise you that you will enjoy the scenery and unexpected visions throughout.
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