An older mail on New Year

Sai Ram Friends,

I apologize sincerely for this delay in wishing you a very happy new year 2013.

Sometimes for most of our lapses,we can only give some excuses,and it

is happening in all the spheres of life,including our

relationships,our professions,our day to day lives.I am also doing the

same.And this is our lives,always avoiding our social,moral,spiritual

responsibilities and giving one or the other excuse.We simply live for

ourselves and we have forgotten to do even small things for the

others,even when they don’t require much of out time,money and


For 2013 I want to share following words-


I bid farewell to what goes,

I greet what comes;

for what comes cannot be denied,

and what goes cannot be detained.”

I also wish that we all grow spiritually in this new year.

They say there are five obstacles to Spiritual Growth-

1.Ignorance of the true nature of Reality.

2.Clinging to the transitory.

3 A version to the unreal.

4.Identification with a constructed self.

5.Fear of death.

Let all these five obstacles be removed in your lives in 2013.

There is a beautiful passage in Upajjattha Sutta—

‘The five remembrance——

“I am of the nature to grow old,

I cannot escape old age.

I am of the nature to have ill health.

I cannot escape ill health,

I am of the nature to die,

I cannot escape dying,

All that is dear to me and everyone I love,

Are of the nature of change,

There is no way to escape

being separated from them.

I cannot keep anything

I came here empty handed,

and I go empty handed.

My actions are my only true belongings.

I cannot escape the consequences of my action


So friends,Wish you a veru happy,prosperous and fulfilling year 2013.

With warm regards,

Ever yours in Baba’s grace

Sharat Bhushan

About majesumf

I don't have a biography.I was not an event.I am a process,may be a programmed one,who came with some fixed inputs and always tried to break the limits of the programme to understand this whole phenomenon of what we call life.I am a traveler,for millions and million years,as ancient as this creation and also God.May be He is trying to discover Himself through me.Time is short and journey is long.You all are invited to this endless journey,which will not take you anywhere,but I promise you that you will enjoy the scenery and unexpected visions throughout.
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