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Sai Ram Friends and Jai Durge,

Of late my health is not allowing me to send my regular messages to you in time.I know,it has been a long gap.Sometimes I am busy and sometimes even if there is nothing else to do,I want to sit still in total silence,without any inward or outward movement.I think that I had said enough and now there is no need to say anything further.

But today I want to say something about Navratras,Durga Saptashati.I think,I’ll not be able to complete the whole thing in one mail but let us see how much we can share?

Basically Navratras are the period when we can put all our efforts to awaken the Kundalini.Whether it is Durga Saptashati or Ramcharit Manas,both are the anthologies of Awakening of Kundalini.It is a complete systematic scientific procedure.If you don’t want to awaken The Kundalini,don’t use both of them as Tantrik Text.They are also beautiful devotional texts for praying and receiving blessings from Ma Bhasgwati and Bhagwan Ram.I always insist that it is better if you read Ramcharitmanas or Ramraksha Stotra alongwith Durga Saptashati during Navratras.Both will help you in this mundane world as well as the other world.Besides Durga Saptashati you can also read Bhavani Stuti,Pratyangara Stotra,Ma  Vindhyawasini Stotra,Baglamukhi Stotra,Ma Kamakhya Stotra,.MaSankata Stotra,Kali StotraAnd Dasham Vidya.Choice is yours.

Before you start your Nvaratri Pooja,invoke Ganapati and pray to your Guru Maharaj.This is essential so that there is no hindrance in your pooja.

Have you ever thought,why these are called Navratras and not Navdiwas?There are various reasons for the same.The first is that in daylight lot of external activities are going on and due this there is tremendous increase in internal movement of thought.Secondly it’s a peculiar thing that the prayers in thought form do not travel smoothly in the presence of Sun Light.Thirdly the night is always considered to be more potent for Sakti Pooja,as night is considered to be manifestation of The Mother and also it is more easier to have psychic contact with different energy centers in the night.

The final goal of Navratras is dissolution of ego.The paradox is that even if you do good deeds,the maximum result will be that you will go to heaven or take rebirth to enjoy your good past karmas.But when ego is annihilated there is Chitta Shuddhi and one is free from the fruits of Karmas and rebirth.

During Navratras the Mother aspect of God is worshipped as Mahakali(or Durga),Mahalaxmi and Maha Saraswati.The Durga Saptashati reveals the way in which Mother leads the soul to the ultimate victory over demonic qualities.These Madhu Kaitabh,Shumbh,Nishumbh etc, are nothing but the symbolic representation of various demonic qualities like ego,anger,lust etc.These are the dark forces.Life is an area where dark forces fight with those of light.With the pooja on Navratras,we enhance the power of the forces of light so that the senses and mind are controlled and the desires emanating from the lower self are curtailed.

In Durga or Mahakali aspect the Mother destroys these demonic qualities of impurities.In second aspect of Mahalaxmi,Mother develops divine qualities of purity,compassion,love etc.brings steadiness in the Chitta and the duality of mind is destroyed.In the third aspect of Mahasaraswati,Mother tears the veil of ignorance and reveals the splendor of consciousness.

We have to remember that Mother is confounded by darkness.Therefore She is worshiped as Night.The hymns of Ratri Sukta are for worshiping the Mother as night.Because darkness of night represents Maya,covering our mind with ignorance.But we glides to dawn(Usha again is another aspect of Mother)through darkeness only.Therefore it is essential to read Ratri Sukta during Navratras.The dense darkness is represented by Kali,the movement towards dawn by Laxmi and the dawn or golden Sunrise is represented by Saraswati.Therefore it is necessary first to get the grace of Mahakali,then Mahalaxmi and Mahasaraswati in that order for ultimate realization.

Mother is Sakti.It is in the form of Jnana Sakti,Ichcha Sakti and Kriya Sakti.She gives you Bhoga(the enjoyment of world)along with Moksha(the liberation).As Mahakali it destroys gross obstacles in the physical plane,the subtle obstacles in causal plane.As Mahalaxmi,She sustains and nourishes the constructive expression of the soul.If Durga destroys worn out palace,Laxmi erects a shining Mansion,where Durga performs surgery,Laxmi does the healing and Saraswati decorates the Mansion on this body by revealing the potential of the latent power of soul.

This world is Trigunatmika-Tamas in the form Durga,Rajas in Laxmi and Sattwa in Saraswati.Durga if pleased destroys worldly enemies,but if displeased causes manifold miseries in human life.Laxmi bestows material wealth,but if displeased,causes delusion,infatuation,attachment and hatred.Saraswati bestows knowledge,but if displeased deludes a person’s mind by filling it with vanity,pride,passion and restlessness.

So what is Mother?She is tenderness in women,hardness in men,patience in adversities,impatience in weak minded,cruelty in cruel,compassion in saint,desire in worldly person,desirelessness in the wise,temptation for the aspirant,also the strength to overcome temptation,She is the light of the enlightened.In short whatever exists in this creation that is Mother only.

You have to understand that even in the adversities of life Her compassion is operating.She is nothing but compassion.

Now few points for meditating on Mother during Navratras-

1. Start with focusing on Kriya Sakti,considering vast physical world as a surging ocean of energy.Feel as if you are permeated by Universal Energy being an integral part of the Creation.

2.Then focus your mind at the Navel Center and feel that Kundalini is awake in that center,mentally visualizing Ma Durga(Kriya Sakti)operating in physical world.Feel as if you are one with Her and it is removing all sense of weakness from your body and mind.

3.Now focus on the subtle and more pervasive form of energy-Ichcha Sakti or Psychic Energy,which is behind your thoughts.Understand and pay attention to the power of that energy which makes your thoughts so potent.

4.Focus your mind on Heart Center and feel as if Kundalini is awake there,Visualize mentally Laxmi,who is Ichcha Sakti or Mental Energy.Feel yourself one with Her and assert that my mind is filled with dynamic energy and my thoughts,will are all powerful.You will have no room for worry,anxiety,negativity.

5.Shift to the sbtlest form i.e.Jnana Sakti,energy of wisdom or intuitive mind.Think that divine intelligence is permeating you and”I AM THAT”

6.Focus on Ajna Chakra and feel that Kundalini is radiating from this center.Mentally visualize Ma Saraswati and just feel that Cosmic knowledge has removed all ignorance of darkness and endowed you with knowledge and wisdom forever.This is the ultimate state.

I am sorry,I had not been able to give all the details of pooja and the hidden meaning of Durga Saptashati and Navratras.The subject is vast and we know that Mother is infinite,uncomprehendable.So how a trifle person like me can describe Her?

So friends,please try to get Her love,compassion and blessings.



With warm regards and wishing you very happy Navratras and Ram Navami

Always your’s in Baba’s Grace

Sharat Bhushan

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