Some sms’es over past few months

Dear Friends,

Usually I send sms to a group of people I know……posting some of them for your reading and reflections.

Sai Ram Friends.”When I stand before my Creator at the end of my life,I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say,”I used everything you gave me.” Regards, Sharat Bhushan



Sai Ram friends,We are full of complaints against God or Nature or World for our unfulfilled desires or the things not going our way.Do we realize that this world is painted by us on the screen of consiousness and it is entirely our responsibility,it is entirely our own pvt world.We guide our lives with the light of our own actions, then just think how life can be unfair? Regards. Sharat

Sai Ram,Today is Hanuman Jayanti and b’day of the great enlightened master Nisargadatta Maharaj. With the wishes that Lord Hanuman blesses you with strength, fearlessness and devotion to Rama,I wish Maharaj happy b’day and want to share his saying-‘Once you realize that all comes from within,that the world in which you live is not projected onto you,but by you,your fear will come to an end.’ Regards. Sharat

Sai Ram Friends.Sri Ram Sir always used to say¬† that everything in life is predetermined, predestined and predesigned and unchangeable.But we were not able to comprehend, appreciate the same.”If it is so and there is no free will,then what about my achievements which are results of my hard work?And if my misfortune and failure cannot be altered then what is God?”Probably Sir stopped discussing it as it was difficult to soothe the people’s psyche for this stark reality of life.I will give a small analogy.Life is like a movie running in theater with the script,dialogue already written.The sequence and shots were already decided.It is not possible to change the scene while movie is running.The only way is to call all the reels from all the cinema halls and do the required editing and in the process kill the movie.Therefore like movie,nothing can be changed in life.(with apologies to Sir)Regards.Sharat.



About majesumf

I don't have a biography.I was not an event.I am a process,may be a programmed one,who came with some fixed inputs and always tried to break the limits of the programme to understand this whole phenomenon of what we call life.I am a traveler,for millions and million years,as ancient as this creation and also God.May be He is trying to discover Himself through me.Time is short and journey is long.You all are invited to this endless journey,which will not take you anywhere,but I promise you that you will enjoy the scenery and unexpected visions throughout.
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