Mail 1 – last emails to larger audience

Posting some emails on behalf of Mr. Sharat Bhushan……please note that he used to send these emails to a large audience and has subsequently decided to curtail this activity.  These are his last three emails to the larger audience.  Posting the same for the benefit of the fellow travelers.

He will be posting on this site and his blog insight.


Mail 1 –

Sai Ram Friends,
I know this is the time to wind up and leave everything. So I am winding up this mail business. Earlier I used to send these mails only to specific people who used to come to me for spiritual guidance. After sometime I included friends, relatives,acquaintances and people who came in my contact from various fields. Probably that was a big mistake. It turned out that I am sending these mails mostly to the people who are not interested, or just read it casually. Sometimes with the sole interest to show me that they know much more than me. I had never said that I know more than anyone else. It is a strange world. One cannot claim to know even 0.1% of the total facts. I never wanted you people to think like me. My endeavor was just to make you think, that’s all.
It is journey of almost fifty years,full of experiences, good and bad both and it was my intention to share these experiences with the people. But most of us are so full of knowledge given by so called Masters, Scriptures that it is very difficult even to find a hair line crack in the stuffed heads. Most people do not listen with the intent to understand,they just listen with the intent to reply. The discussions do not remain healthy exchange of views,rather they just become exchange of bad tempers due to heated arguments in loud and arrogant voices. We always think that the other person does not know anything and we try our level best to push our views and pin the other person down by raising the voice,banging the table. We think that this way we win the argument, but do we ever understand that in our so called illusion of winning the argument, we lose a friend or a person?
This is a strange world.
I rather call it JAMBOREE OF NERDS.
There are people who live here in Delhi only. But they want all the clarifications, explanations and know how of the spiritual methods over phone,or through SMS or mail. Do they realize how much time is consumed in replying to their one line query? And they do not want to come out of their comfort zone and go through the trouble of visiting the person from whom one wants knowledge.
There are few friends,who will ask questions and when I send reply,they will contradict it and send me some links and throw some names of the persons and books,so that I can increase my knowledge. I fail to understand that questions were asked to me or I was the one who had asked the questions?
Some people will phone up and say that we were passing this way, so we thought that we should get some spiritual clarifications. Some will just drop in with all their queries, not even bothering about my health,time, inconvenience caused to the family. If one is coming as a friend,just to meet and share some good time, it is different, but if one is coming for spiritual quest one should be considerate about such things.
Some friends will phone up at odd times while they are free,or traveling or waiting for something else to utilize their time and oblige me. Why they do not want to give their quality time for talking to me for their spiritual quest or otherwise? Why they think that I have nothing else to do and I am always at their disposal?
People do not have any genuine or authentic query. They do not want any explanation. They just want to let me know how much knowledgeable they are,and try to impress on me that I do not know anything and even if per chance I know anything it is totally wrong. I had never said that I am always right but these are my independent views not polluted by scriptures or Gurus. If you have something original to say you are welcome, but please don’t push Vedas,Upanishads,Quran,Gita,Bible or your so called Masters like Osho, Kabir or even JK. They all carry dead words and I want we all should free ourselves from this burden and testing the strength of our wings take our flight in the unknown sky. There is tremendous beauty in discovering the truth on your own.
We have become closed to any suggestion and point of view. Unconsciously we follow the person who we think has some status in worldly or spiritual sense. Learning is a beautiful process. Just keep your mind and eyes open. Every moment nature is trying to teach you something new,something wonderful. If one is prepared to learn,even a small child can teach one more than our scriptures.
Therefore I feel I will post only in my blog and site.Whosoever is really interested may visit them.
Something about me. It was a strange life. I started my search from the age of 6 or 7, going to dense forests of Ganeshpuri in that age in search of Baba Nityanand and trying all possible methods for my search. I read like mad, tried to meet all the living Masters like Muktanand Baba, Osho, Anandmayi Ma, Neem karoli Baba, Meher Baba,Nisargadatta Maharaj…..list is endless.Sometimes I used to roam around in the dense forests near Rourkela with Aghoris or near Datiya with Kapaliks, keeping a skull (well hidden from the family) to drink wine during some specific rituals and those long nights in cremation grounds doing strange rituals,(I threw the skull while leaving Rourkela in Ved Vyas where I had spent numerous nights. Near Rajgangpur, in thick jungles there was a Siva temple called Ghoghad Baba. Sometimes I used to spend nights in that temple. A cobra used to come in the morning and used to spread his hood on Baba.In the night during meditation sometimes snakes used to enter inside the pant and used to give a very strange sensation) I enjoyed every moment of this journey. Sometimes I used to go to Sajjad Miyan, a great Sufi Saint near Lucknow who taught me to smoke bidi. He used to ask me to light his bidi. That time I must be in class 7th. He used to say laughingly that there are certain cells in the brain which can be activated only with tobacco and they are essential on this path. He was a strange man. In the evening he used to ask me to cover him with straw and mischievously he used to say, “Whenever you are awake, just come and check if I am alright.” Only once I went there in the night. There was no life in his body. I just sat there weeping profusely. Slowly he opened his eyes and winked at me. I can right a book about my experiences with him. He was a great Master, very loving and compassionate.
These mails sometimes become autobiographical. But a person pursuing spiritual path has to be an open book, otherwise there is no point in pursuing this path.A spiritual person should not wear any mask. The people coming to him should know his shortcomings and weaknesses.
My Guru Maharaj whom I used to call Bhaisaheb tamed me from these wild spiritual adventures with great love. He never said anything. He was one of the greatest persons I had met in life. He was living on  very meagre means, and scores of people used to come to have his darshans. Even at the age of 80 and being a family man, he was always available to his devotees. He was only living on the interest of Rs. 5 lacs deposited in the bank after selling whatever he had, but I had never seen even a single person going back without a cup of tea and some biscuits. And as soon as he was alone, he use to even switch off the fan to save the electricity bill. He has never accepted any money and there were no donations of any kind. There were judges, IAS officers, ministers and even sweepers among his devotees, but his treatment was same foe everyone. No one was VIP for him. Whatever I am today spiritually,it is due to his blessings and grace only.
I know few very hard task masters near Delhi, Bombay, Datiya, Orissa and Uttarakhand. I remain in touch with them, but I am unable to send the people to them as they are very short tempered and almost mad in divine love. They are totally unpredictable. My Guru Maharaj used to say laughingly that bhagwan ji ,you lose your temper very quickly. You are blunt and straight forward. You are truthful and honest. Don’t take anyone in your fold, never accept anyone as your disciple because people don’t want bitter truth, they want sugar candies. They will humiliate you,and try to say all sort of things. So just remain aloof.Then he used to laugh heartily and say, “I love you because you are like that. Continue like this only. This is the right path. Never change.” So I don’t have sugar coated words. I don’t conceal and hide difficulties in the spiritual journey and due to that in the worldly life.I had undergone serious depression. I was devastated but only Bhaisaheb consoled me saying that it is inevitable on this path. He used to call it spiritual cleansing. Although I had suffered in wordily life due to this, yet his words always brought me out of the gloom. People humiliated me, mocked me, but there was no way in which I can tell them what is going inside?I was never able to tell anyone the strange process going inside.
My work is almost over and when there is nothing left to burn, one has to set oneself on fire.
I try to send all the people coming to me to Guruji Sri Umeshwar Srivastava and Sriram Sir (I apologie them for the inconvenience caused due to this).I do it because they are much more advanced and evoved than me and they are very compassionate and loving with unusual powers. I feel that all these people are safe in their hands. I ADMIT THAT I CAN KNOW PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE OF ALL THE PEOPLE COMING TO ME AND i CAN READ THEIR MINDS, BUT BHAISAHEB’S STRICT INSTRUCTIONS ALWAYS REMIND ME NOT TO USE THEM. So I send all these people to them, specially Guruji Sri Umeshwar. They are in safe hands and I had also learnt a lot from them.
Man is equally incapable of seeing the nothingness from which he emerges and the infinity in which he is engulfed.
I end the first part of this last mail here only just with a small suggestion that to use our head, we have to go out of our mind. From time to time, take a honest look at yourself-“IT PAYS.” Just exchange the circle of endless karma for the spiral evolution.
With warm regards,
Always yours in Baba’s grace

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I don't have a biography.I was not an event.I am a process,may be a programmed one,who came with some fixed inputs and always tried to break the limits of the programme to understand this whole phenomenon of what we call life.I am a traveler,for millions and million years,as ancient as this creation and also God.May be He is trying to discover Himself through me.Time is short and journey is long.You all are invited to this endless journey,which will not take you anywhere,but I promise you that you will enjoy the scenery and unexpected visions throughout.
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