Guru Poornima message

Sai Ram and Om Shri Gurave Namah,
My greetings to all of you on the occasion of Guru Poornima. May the Param Guru Sadashiv,Adi Guru Dattatreya Maharaj, Sai Math Maharaj and your individual Guru Maharaj bless you,fulfill all your wishes and show you the path of salvation.
It is Guru Poornima. I bow to all my Gurus. Firstly I bow at the feet of Gurus whom I had not met physically but always felt there blessings and love. Therefore my pranams to Sai Math Maharaj,Dattatreya Maharaj,Sri Padvallabh,Sri Narsingh Saraswati, Ramakrishna Paramhans,Sarda Ma, Sri Aurbindo& Mother,Siddharameswar Maharaj,Swami Ramtirth,Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Raman Maharishi,Hazarat Baba Japan,Tajuddin Baba,Hazarat Ajmer Sharif,Hazarat Nizamuddin,Gajanan Maharaj,Akkalkot Maharaj,Sanker Maharaj…list is endless.
I submit my humble pranams to Gurus I have met,like,Satya Sai Baba, J. Krishnamurti,Meher Baba,Nisargdatt Maharaj,Ranjit Maharaj,Mother, Anandmayi Ma,Amritananadmayi Ma,Nityanand Baba,Muktanand Baba,Osho,Mahesh Yogi,Acharya Sri Ram Sharma,Swami Ram,Aghoreswar Ram…list is endless again.
And I want to submit my pranams to two present Gurus,Sriram Sir and Umeshwar Shrivastava ji whom I am indebted for their love,affection and blessings.
Finally  my humble pranams to wash the feet of my Guru Maharaj Kartar Singh ji,whom I call Bhaisaheb. I owe all my achievements, my spiritual development to Him only.
Some people say that there is no necessity of making someone Guru.It’s solely one’s personal decision. I was also against recognizing someone as Guru because from the childhood itself I was influenced by J. Krishnamurti. But if someone is really meant to be your Guru,His love will overpower all your resistance. He will guide you,He will remove obstacles from your path,He will take your karmas on Himself, He will make your spiritual journey and Worldly life smooth. He will cover you in His palm to save you from the onslaught of strong winds and finally He will leave you alone to complete your journey on your own. He will stand by side,simply observing you,He will make Himself totally useless. He will not hammer his teachings and thoughts,He will simply point the way. There will be only pointers from  Him. He will give you wings but leave you alone to learn flying,He will give you boat but then He will push it in the river so that you can find your final destination.
But please don’t think that only your Guru is right,only he has reached,only He is enlightened. There are innumerable Gurus. Some are just in seclusion and are not interested in any interaction with other human beings. I know few of them. They are the ultimate flowers of spirituality. The true Guru will work on you silently. He will never show it. He is always humble and discrete.
Moreover I suggest that you should choose a Guru who is available to you, if not always at least sometimes. The Gurus who are just busy in increasing the numbers of disciples are of no use to you. There are certain sects where the members have never seen their Gurus. This will not be of much help.
Please understand that Guru  Tattwa is one only. Only the Guru who has dissolved his ego and is one with Guru Tattwa,who is in unison and harmony  with it will be able to help you. He will shorten your journey. He will give final push to your boat in the sea of your spiritual journey.
Guru Poornima is basically Ved Vyas Jayanti,also known as Vyas Poornima. Vyas ji is considered to be an immortal character in our Mythology like Hanumanji,Bali, Vibhishan etc All Vedas,Puranas etc. are credited to him.It could be that the head of the school involved in propagating these teachings was known as Vysa and there were number of Vysas. But Vyasa also known as Krishna Dwaipayan is the founder of Guru Parampara.
Another sect which has deep root Guru- Bhakti is Dattatreya Sampradaya. Starting from Dattaterya Bhagwan it includes Sri Padvallabh, Sri Nasingha Saraswati, Manik Prabhu, Akkalkot Maharaj, Gajanan Maharaj an Sai Nath Maharaj. The follower of this parampara consider their Gurus as God. They ask for everything including salvation from their Guru only.
Sikh Sect also has very deep roots in Guru worship. Even their temple is called Gurudwara maning ”Door to Guru”. Their scripture is also called Guru Granth Saheb, meaning collection of Guru’s teachings. It not only contais teachings of Gunak Dev ji but of Kabir Saheb, Saint Ravidas ji also.
Guru is Sakshat Pabrhama. It mens Guru is Supreme Atma which represents Unity Of Speech (As Brahma),all pervasive mind (As Vishnu) and heart ( as maheswar). The role of the Guru is to totally remove the darknes of ignorance. Guru is the one who has transcendent all the three gunas i.e Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas. Please remember that  Guru,who advises his disciples to go back on his plighted words is no Guru at all. Guru is necessary to make us understand the formless attributeless Divinity. The right Guru will teach from experience,he will love his pupils and will correct their faults and failings, in order to make them happy and useful. He will inculcate in them speaking truth and living according to Dharma. Gu in Guru means Gunateet i.e. unaffected by attributes and attitudes and not associated with any particular characteristic. Ru is Rupateet i.e. not limited to any form and pervasive in all forms.
A Guru is like a candle which lights others in consuming itself. He defends His pupils against His own personal influence. He understands hat art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery. A Guru affects eternity;He can never tell when His influence stops.
Why it is necessary to have a Guru and after finding one to follow His instructions with faith and sincerity? I had seen few fellows. They don’t have any Guru. They are just tossed around as a dry leaf here and there. It doesn’t work if verbally you make someone your Guru and don’t follow him. It’s one of the most important and closest relationship. Either you will keep on askng every Tom-Dick- Harry, what to read or where to go or you wil pretend to be spiritual to be socially acceptable and carry on with your vices. One day you will find that your Guru will ignore you. He is all compassion so he will not harm you but you will be without his blessings. So be authentic and don’t pretend. Don’t just collect information which will only form a thick layer of dust on your mind and please don’t pretend and advertise your spirituality. You will suffer more that a person who doesn’t believe in spirituality.
The present day Gurus stultify your buddhi,your innate power of discrimination instead of encouraging you to search,examine,experience and believe. Due to this the humanity is in great danger. Once you have secured a Guru,leave everything to Him,even the desire to acieve ENLIGHTENMENT. He knows you more than you yourself ever can. He will direct you as much as is good fr you. Your duty is only to obey and to smother the tendency to drift away from Him.You may ask,how are we to earn our food,if we attach ourselves to a guru like this?Please be convinced that if you do this,the Parmatma in the form of Guru will not let you starve. He will give you not only food but Amrita, the nectar of immortality.
The true Gurus will never force the disciple to grow with a bent in the direction that He prefers.Diciple has the right to develop on his own liking according to his sanskaras and herd of mind.Now a days with Modern Gurus the relationship of Guru and Shishya has become topsy-turvy,rich and influential shishyas now rule the Guru and dictate how he should behave. The Gurus also, keen on accumulating fame and wealth,stoop to tactics recommended by the shishyas and then lower their status. So before accepting the Guru examine him and his credentials,his ideas and practices. But once you accept him, He should be your God. Only the Guru,who teaches about God,is worth the name. The true Guru shows the path of God-realization,reveals the true purpose of life to the disciple and how it should be realized. The true Guru demonstates to the disciple that beyond the changing forms and names of phenomenal world, there is a Divinity that is permanent and unchanging. As per Gita shishya is Narottam and the Guru is Purushottam, shishya is Mahatma and Guru is Parmatma,shishya is patradhar(actor) GURU IS SUTRADHAR (DIRECTOR). THE TRUE GURU HAS NO EGO OR SELFISHNESS. A TRUE  GURU IS LARGE HEARTED,ABSOLUTELY SELFLESS,PURE IN BEING,FREE FROM AQUISITIVENESS. HE IS FREE FROM ENVY,DESIRES FOR NAME,FAME AND IS EQUAL MINDED IN HIS CONDUCT TOWARDS EVERYONE. THE UPPERMOST THING IS THAT HE DOES NOT BOAST ABOUT HIMSELF.
The transforming Guru senses readiness to change,helps the ”follower” or student respond to more complex needs,transcending the old levels again and yet again. The true Guru is also learning and is transformed by the relationship….The open Teacher, like a ood therapist establishes rapport and resonance,sensing unspoken neds,conflicts,hope and fears.Respecting the learner’s autonomy,the Teacher spends more time gelping to articulate urgent questions than demanding right answers.
There are eight types of Gurus-
1.Bodha Guru-who teaches shastras i.e. scriptures and encourages the pupil to act according to its injunctions.
2.VedaGuru- who imparts the inner meaning of the Vedas and turn the mind of the pupil towards God.
3.Nishiddha Guru-who imparts knowledge about rules and duty and show how one’s welfare here and hereafter can be ensured.
4.Kamya Guru-He makes one engage himself in meritorious deeds to secure happiness in both the worlds.
5.Soochaka Guru-He teaches how the senses are to be controlled through various types of disciplines.
6. Karna Guru-He reveals unity of Jeev and Atma.
7.Vachak Guru-He is the one who imparts knowledge of Yoga and prepare the disciple for spiritual life.
8. Vihita Guru- He clears all doubts,purifies the mind and shows how self-realization can be attained.
With my experience I suggest to find a Vihita Guru or Karn Guru who with the various teachings and practices help you to progress from human to Divine Consciousness.
So this is all about Gurus.
There are few books to understand Guru Tattwa and ultimate unflinching devotion in you Guru.
The first is Guru Gita, a dialogue between Siva and Parvati. the second is Guru Charitra,describing life and teachings of Dattatreya Bhagwn, Sri Padvallabh and Sri Narsingha Saraswati.
                      SADGURUM TAM NAMAMI
May you all find your Sadgurus and if you have one may He blesses you with everything including infinite wisdom and Enlightenment.
With best wishes
Always in Baba’s grace
Sharat Bhuhan

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