An older mail on New Year

Sai Ram Friends,

I apologize sincerely for this delay in wishing you a very happy new year 2013.

Sometimes for most of our lapses,we can only give some excuses,and it

is happening in all the spheres of life,including our

relationships,our professions,our day to day lives.I am also doing the

same.And this is our lives,always avoiding our social,moral,spiritual

responsibilities and giving one or the other excuse.We simply live for

ourselves and we have forgotten to do even small things for the

others,even when they don’t require much of out time,money and


For 2013 I want to share following words-


I bid farewell to what goes,

I greet what comes;

for what comes cannot be denied,

and what goes cannot be detained.”

I also wish that we all grow spiritually in this new year.

They say there are five obstacles to Spiritual Growth-

1.Ignorance of the true nature of Reality.

2.Clinging to the transitory.

3 A version to the unreal.

4.Identification with a constructed self.

5.Fear of death.

Let all these five obstacles be removed in your lives in 2013.

There is a beautiful passage in Upajjattha Sutta—

‘The five remembrance——

“I am of the nature to grow old,

I cannot escape old age.

I am of the nature to have ill health.

I cannot escape ill health,

I am of the nature to die,

I cannot escape dying,

All that is dear to me and everyone I love,

Are of the nature of change,

There is no way to escape

being separated from them.

I cannot keep anything

I came here empty handed,

and I go empty handed.

My actions are my only true belongings.

I cannot escape the consequences of my action


So friends,Wish you a veru happy,prosperous and fulfilling year 2013.

With warm regards,

Ever yours in Baba’s grace

Sharat Bhushan

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On the Great Ramakrishna Paramhansa

Sai Ram Friends,



(Constant saluation be to Ramkrishna,the Free,the Isvara,the

Siva-form,by whose power we and whole world are blessed.-Swami


It has been a very long gap.I was not able to send messages due to

health problem and a very hectic schedule.Sometimes I tried to sit on

the lap top,but every time there was no willingness to type

anything.Is it that the time to go into total silence has come?I don’t

know.It all started from Radha Ashtami.I was not able to type anything

in spite of all my efforts.There  was another surprising

thing,Sometimes I used to write lot of things on lose sheets,some

stray thoughts or some pondering.I had written lot of papers on

Radhaji,Thakur and other enlightened Masters and some papers on the

negative impact of Net and on world economic situation,but whenever I

try to search them,they are not traceable.But I forced myself to write

something about that indescribable phenomenon called Ramkrishna


On Wednesday,March 13th,it was 178TH birthday of Ramkrishna

Paramhans,and I thought I should come out of that deep slumber and try

to say something about that most mysterious phenomenon in the history

of spirituality.There is no parallel of Thakur.As Sri Aurbindo

said,”Sri Ramkrishna represents a synthesis of all the leaders

(spiritual),It follows that the movement of his age will unify and

organize the more provincial and fragmentary movements of the past.”

Who was Ramakrishna ?Is it possible to comprehend my beloved

Thakur?Who can know him?He is always an unknowable mystery,the

ultimate statement in the book of spirituality.He was Siva dancing his

cosmic dance and he was Mother Kali,ever enchanting and mother of all

Swami Vivekanand said once-“The time was ripe for one to be born who

in one body would have brilliant intellect of Shankara and the

wonderful expansive,infinite heart of Chaitanya;one who would see in

every sect the same spirit working,the same God;one who would see God

in every being,one whose heart would weep for the poor,for the

weak,for the outcast,for the downtrodden,for every one in the

world,inside India or outside India;and at the same time whose grand

brilliant intellect would conceive of such noble thoughts as would

harmonize all conflicting sects,not only in India but outside

India,and bring a marvelous harmony,the universal religion of head and

heart into existence.Such a man was born…He was a strange man,this

Ramkrishna Paramhans.”

In this mail I will not give my own experiences about Thakur,which I

had during my spiritual journey.They were very deep and need lot of

explanations,rather I will try to give views of few of his

contemporaries and his devotees,so that you can have a glimpse of that

towering personality who was not less than God for me and millions of


Firstly what Thakur said about himself-“He who dwells in me tells me

beforehand what particular class of devotees will come to me.When I

have vision of Gaurana,I know that devotees of Gauranga are

coming.When I have vision of Kali,the Saktas come.God Himself dwells

in this body.It is He who,of His own accord,is working with these

devotees.I have practised all kinds of sadhana;jnanayoga,karmyoga and

bhaktiyoga.I have even gone through the exercise of hathayoga to

increase longevity.There is another Person dwelling in this

body.Otherwise after attaining samadhi,how could I live with the

devotees and enjoy the love of God .Koar Singh used to say to me;”I

have never before seen a person who has returned from the plane of

samadhi.You are none other than Nanak.”

During the period when Charles Darwin was trying to decipher “The

Origin of Species”,John Stuart Mill was publishing his most famous

essay “On Liberty”Kipling was publishing his first volume of patriotic

verses,one rustic,simple man was teaching his handful devotees,the art

of spirituality.He was Gadadhar or better known as Ramkrishna

Paramhans,lovingly called by his disciples as Master and Thakur.In

that solitary corner of the world,what this man was teaching?I will

give few illustrations.He said-“To know many things is

ignorance-ajnana,to know only one thing is knowledge-jnana;knowledge

that God alone is real and that it is He who dwells in all.And to talk

with God is still further knowledge-vijnana.Vijnana is the loving of

God in various ways,after His realization.God is beyond one and

two.God is beyond speech and mind.To ascend from God’s

play-in-the-world to His eternity,and to descend again from the

Eternal to the Play is called mature devotion.”

Thakur always used to be in Mahabhav.Mahabuhav is the culmination of

the long agony of yearning for union with the Absolute.During the

earlier years of his devotion he had experienced many

visions,like-“When I meditated,I would see vividly a person sitting

near me with a trident in his hand.He would threaten to strike me with

the weapon unless I fixed my mind on the Lotus feet of God.He would

warn me that his trident would pierce my breast if my attention

strayed from God.Once I was meditating under the ubel tree when

“Sin”appeared before me and tempted me in various ways.He came to me

in the form of an English soldier.He wanted to give me

wealth,honour,sex-pleasure,various occult powers,and such things.I

began to pray to the divine Mother.(And now I am telling you something

very secret.)The Mother appeared.I said to Her,”Kill him Mother!”I

remember still that form of the Mother,Her world-bewitching beauty.She

came in the form of a young girl;but it seemed as if the world weare

moved by Her glance.”

And what a Mahabhav-“My joy after the experience of mahabhava was

equal to the pain I suffered before it.It shakes the body and the mind

to their foundation.It is like a huge elephant’s entrance into little

hut.The hut is shaken to its foundation.Perhaps it falls apart.The

fire of pain of this experience is not an ordinary feeling.It is said

that the fire of this anguish,in Rupa and Sanatana,scorched the leaves

of the tree under which they sat.I was three days unconscious in that

state of God-consciousness I could not move.I lay in one place.When I

was being overpowered by that state,I felt as if a ploughshare were

passing through my backbone.I cried out,”Oh,I am dying!I am dying!’But

afterwards I was filled with great joy.”

I know this state Thakur,that anguish,that state of helplessness,agony

and I try to discourage all the people who come to me for the search

of God.I tell them it is better to pursue the worldly things because

the pain on this path is unbearable.All these present day Masters are

lying to you.They are exploiting you for their own benefits.There is

no bliss on this path initially and moreover it is a full time

occupation,not a part time hobby.Most of them go away,but few persist

and I work on them knowing fully that they will have to face this

unbearable agony one day.

I can just go on as far as Thakur is concerned.But who is

interested?It is just my love and duty to Thakur to say something

about him,so that I can just kindle the fire in you with the hope that

one day it becomes that great fire which consumes your false world and

make you free from its MAYA.

With warm regards,

Ever Yours in Thakur and Baba’s grace

Sharat Bhushan

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Sai Ram Friends,

All other old cities in the world like,Rome,Cairo, Baghdad,Venice etc are alive and buzzing with activities,but Varanasi is as ancient as the human civilization. and still a functional city spiritually and otherwise

Once Mr B. Bhattacharya said,”Who does not know Varanasi?Or who does?

It is a mysterious city,which unfolds itself very slowly and with great love once you approach her with love and awe.It’s wrinkled face has the eternal beauty of youth,a smile which defies the time,her arms wide open to embrace all,sinners as well as pious.You have to feel her,you cannot just have a casual interaction with Varanasi.Varanasi is the story of our lives with all the bright as well as grey shades.

I don’t think there is any other city in India which generates so much curiosity and awe,devotion and interest as Varanasi,the oldest,fascinating,gorgeous and mystifying city.It is said that Varanasi rejuvenates itself over a period of time and that is why it never loses its youthful charm.This city has its own social norms and character.But the original Kashi was dislocated several times and there had been many Kashis or Varanasis.

It is always difficult rather impossible to say that I know Varanasi.I doubt if anyone knows Varanasi in totality.It’s echo travels from the far distance,from some other times.But it is still vibrant,full of life and always gay and intoxicated,may be in Baba Viswanath,Ganges,Bhairon or Sankat Moachan.It is the only city in the world which in real sense worships the mystery of life.

Varanasi defies the myth of divide between Dravidian and Aryan civilization.Although the former were considered to be the original inhabitants of Varanasi,in fact the valley of Hindukush or what we call today as I ndia belonged to a race which were neither Dravidian or Aryans.They were pushed to mountains and deep forests by both of these races.In fact India and in particular Varanasi belonged to them.The original Gods of this civilization were Ganesh and Bhairon in different forms,like Neel Madhav who was being worshiped originally in Orissa at the temple which became famous for Lord Jagannath.Varanasi was destroyed again and again.Every time it rose,refused to die,defied all the attacks,abuses,and this stubborn,unparalleled city refused to be reduced to dust,to be silent.It rejuvenated itself again and again after every molestation,humiliation,misery just by accepting new norms,changing on surface,while keeping its soul intact.Was it due to Siva always peaceful on the face of storms or Bhairon(time the fearsome)as the guardian angel of the city.It was an unique case of survival.It has unique character which mixes past with present,stubbornness with flexibility,conservatism with liberty of ideas.Due to this it has acquired status of an immortal city with echoes of past and challenges of the future.Varanasi has never lost its soul as it is the soul of all humanity.

For me Varanasi is a dreamland which I visit regularly.It pulsates in my nerves,it is my faith,it is my soul.Sometimes it is relaxed,sometimes it is firm,very lonely amidst the crowd.B.Bhattacharya said-“Varanasi is Times caravanserai.(I am really grateful to this great man whose writings made it possible for me to discover real Varanasi.)

In Varanasi,everything is mixed up,old and new,good and evil,filth and purity,but the uppermost thing is that it promises hope,assurance and peace.It has been a retreat for a recluse like me,but it is equally receptive of scholorly,,religious cynics and hermits.

It is a city which rejects all the traditions while accepting them,it rejects all the form while establishing a unique form of herself,a city which is perpetually old,as never touched by youth,untouched by time which has refused to make it stale.

At every corner there are cows,priests,paupers,a bereaved weeping,mad man slowly obscenities,a marriage procession along with a procession for cremation,both equally joyous,widows waiting to die in this holy city for their salvation,sadhus almost mad in divine love,singing devotional songs,the holy Ganges along with filthy streets and lot of dirt in that cool-deep,perennial and ancient Ganges.There are lepers,monkeys,beggars,donkeys,along with those ancient temples which promises salvation,This is Varanasi as someone has said,”VARANASI IS DESPERATE,VARANASI IS GAY WHILE IT IS MORBID.”

Varanasi has something to offer to everyone from any field of life.

In Varanasi,you will find that it acts as a soothing balm on your tortured and battered soul.It is home,it is a secluded corner for a religious,battered,tortured soul.It welcomes all,Thugs,Prostitutes,Yogis,Tantriks,Philosophers,common man,house holders,religious man,students,All are welcome in Varanasi,which keeps her arms open to welcome all of us,like a mother,like a Goddess and it is the Mother whose lap gives you the final peace.

So  I welcome you to this journey of discovering Varanasi.Or discovering your lost Soul.

With warm regards

Sharat Bhushan

(To be continued)






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Sai Ram Friends,
For the last several years,people come to me stating that they want enlightenment.They also ask me to show the way or tell them some technique for the same.Whenever this question is asked,for few moments I am not able to give any reply.Every time I dive deep into the depth of my mind to search for an answer,but I had never been able to find one.I have to simply tell them that I have no clue about Enlightenment and I don’t think that I can give any authentic reply as I am not Enlightened,but let us take this opportunity to enquire about Enlightenment.I have to ask them,do you know what is Enlightenment?I had not received any satisfactory reply from any of them so far.The most disappointing thing is that not only ordinary people like us,but also so called Enlightened Masters are not able to say anything with clarity and surety about the whole thing.

Is it that Enlightenment is an illusion?Or it is just a concept?Or it is a thought?Or a trick played by the mind to engage us in some futile activity?Always searching,always inquiring and ultimately realizing that everything is futile,all efforts are useless,just Let Go everything.Is it enlightenment or ultimate defeat,accepting that we cannot find it.And our search ends,we feel that we have attained Enlightenment,as Buddha has described.Is this state,Enlightenment or Realization or it is another Utopia?No one can say for sure.

We had been told since ages that we should do this,do that or should not do this or that to get enlightened.No body has told us clearly what is Enlightenment?Is it all light?Or darkness?Or silence?Or thoughtlessness?Or one becomes all powerful having all the Siddhis?Or you are always happy?Or there is no sorrow?Or you are one with the God?But then what is God?What is that state and how we are one with God?And how will it happen?It is an uncharted journey,and whatever so called Gurus say,there are no signposts.

People say if your Kundalini is awakened and pierces Crown Chakra,you become Enlightened and there will be total bliss,light once you are Enlightened,or you will have such and such vision,if you get Enlightened.I just ask,why these states are called states of Enlightenment and what happens to a human being and his mind once he is Enlightened.

Whatever we know about Enlightenment is just second hand information from some Guru,or scripture or our own idea based on some hypothetical concept.Firstly we have to search if there is really something known as Enlightenment?And what happens to Enlightened people once they die?Whenever these Enlightened people leave this world,afterwards we try to investigate the whole phenomenon,their minds and their experiences.Modern science,modern psychology,biology concludes either these experiences and revelations were hallucinations or religious ecstasy or some malfunctioning of the brain.They cite the examples of Sri Ramkrisna Paramhansand so many Sufi Saints(MASTS) etc for the same.

Some secret Mystery Schools,say that we cannot be Enlightened.We can never see God face to face and we would be never able to know Him.At the most we can get merged in Him,we lose the individual identity and become one with the Universal Consciousness.What is this game and what is the purpose of all this?Is it that the purpose of creation is this only?It is said that creation took place as He wanted to know Himself,or He was alone.But if He wanted to know Himself, does the merger of individual consciousness in Universal Consciousness,solve this purpose?In this particular process how He will know Himself?It is a riddle.

Due to this predicament we never want to question our motives.In reality we neither want God nor the Enlightenment.We never want to go to a person,who can really solve this dilemma.We simply want the authority of Religion and its Institutes.Because of this  the mystery of Enlightenment or God and His miracle are being monopolized and administered by the so called Gurus and  institutes so that we are taught not to serve as God wants.rather as these people tell us.It gives us a lighter burden to carry because they preach,explain,select the truth,show the way for Enlightenment.We fail to understand that this way we surrender the freedom of our thought to them and it is a very high price to pay.So it is necessary to understand that we have to search for the meaning of Enlightenment ourselves rather accepting the ready made answers from the Gurus or scriptures.

Why we think that after Nirvana or Enlightenment or Realization,there will not be rebirth?Is it that after realization, mind will not survive and due to this it will not acquire a new body?But if it exists or survives in some other way what will happen and why extinction of mind is nirvana,if I as an individual entity is not able to say anything about it?Why not Enlightenment is the realization as though I had come from a land where nothing else was living and after Enlightenment,I’ll be back to it,totally alone,without any company?Is it frightening?Do we get Enlightened when we are able to say no to everything including Enlightenment?When we are not bound by any concept including even Enlightenment?

That great mystic Ramprasad once said-“Who knows how Kali is?The six systems of philosophy cannot have the vision of Her;She is soul of souls,so your soul can probably understand not the intellect.Kali is black,when there is nothing…the object beyond Gunas is called “KAAL” or “MAHAKAAL”.The Sakti of that Mahakaal is Kaali.Kaali stands atop Mahakaal.Mahakaal is like a corpse,unable to perform any work.But with Kaali on His breast,He is all powerful”Is it that becoming like a corpse is Enlightenment and to understand that duality between the inactive principle and active principle of creation is ultimate realization?

As Swami Anirvan has said,”Basically the whole purpose of trying to get realized is nothing but fighting with settled habits if the mind,with ingrained disposition,with deep rooted nescience,ego,desires and aversions.It requires opening out of the mind to higher truth,the cultivation of a heart that waits and watches and receives in wise passiveness.”

Basically we search for the Enlightenment as we feel that we are limited.It is the search of individual consciousness for the Universal Consciousness.Irony is that it will be never be able to find the same.The only thing you will be able to know is that Enlightenment,Emptiness,Thoughtlessness everything is a concept and you are beyond all the concepts.Everything becomes emptiness without the one who is experiencing.Do you want to realize that state,when you are apparently absent?Please understand that it is all ego shattering experience,the ultimate hammer to break you into very tiny pieces and throw in the sea,so that you are never able to find your individuality.Are you aspiring for the same?

Probably the only tool left for Enlightenment is self-inquiry.As Ramana Maharishi said just to find out ‘Who Am I “But we have understood this wrongly.He didn’t mean that you will find that “I”.He simply meant that with time,as your inquiry becomes more intense,the question will drop and ultimately,then there will be no inquiry,no enquirer and nothing to be inquired.This is known as Zero-State,the state of No-Experience.We perceive the whole game wrongly as we have some second hand information about Enlightenment,and we have some specific concept and image about the same.The only thing is that you have to simply find out” Who is the Seeker?”

Just ask,prior to this “I’,who wanted to be Enlightened,what was existing?Or nothing was existing.So from where this “I”,who wants the Enlightenment came into existence?You have to simply find out who the seeker is?

You will ultimately realize that you are nothing and since you are nothing,there is no Time and since there is no Time,there is no existence,even Enlightenment is not there.

The only Enlightenment is that when you feel sleepy-sleep,when hungry-eat,when thirsty-drink,but do it totally without any choice,without any like or dislike,without any affinity or aversion.That is Enlightenment,when no question are asked and no answers are sought,there is no “I” to realize it,because if Enlightenment is thoughtlessness,silence,emptiness,who is there to experience it?And till the time there is some one to experience Can Enlightenment happen?





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Sai Ram Friends,

We always think that thinker is separate from the thought.  It is not so.

Before understanding this fact one has to understand mind and it’s working.  Thoughts are always generated by the mind.  This mind projects everything,conceivable or inconceivable.  Mind projects the whole world with the sole purpose of experiencing it.  Therefore mind is always starved for experiences.But mind can survive in duality only and for that thought is it’s most potent tool.  How it works?  This is the trick of mind that it forces the being to choose.  Once we understand this mechanism of mind,we will be able to get away from the clutches of thought.  Whenever we chose or try to chose,we are in fact trying to change “WHAT IS”.  In life it is important not to try to change.

I am not trying to say that one should not strive for betterment,but one has to understand and accept limitation of effort.  These choices are in the realm of psychology.  We have to understand that whenever we are trying to change the sensations of happiness,or sorrow we are bringing thought into the action.  There should be total surrender to “WHAT IS”.  But please understand it is not inaction.  I have to bring Gita into all this.  When Gita says that do your work but do not think about the result,it simply says to accept what is,but it does not say that don’t act.

Choice-less awareness is not non-action,rather it is action with full wisdom.

With warm regards

Ever yours in Baba’s grace

Sharat Bhushan

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SMS’s to fellow travellers

Dear all,

I usually send out sms’es to people whom I know.  Select few sms’es sharing with you below.

Sai Ram Friends,Sometimes people come to me and say,we want to see God.I always tell them that before we start the search,some basic issues should be settled.Firstly,how do you know there is a God?Probably someone has told you so,or you have inferred the same somehow.If He is there,why He should meet you?Even if He is prepared to meet you,what purpose will it serve?Do you want to see Him to satisfy your curiosity,or there is something else?The best thing is that,after I ask these questions,they don’t come back. Regards. Sharat.

Sai Ram,these are ultimate lines from Nisargadatta Maharaj,’The world is but a show,glittering and empty,It is,and yet is not…It has no cause and serves no purpose..It appears exactly as it looks,but there is no depth in it,nor meaning,Only the onlooker is real.Call him Self or Atma.To the self the world is but a colourful show,which he enjoys as long as it lasts and forgets when it is over.Whatever happens on the stage makes him shudder in terror or roll with laughter,yet all the time he is aware that it is but show.”So I say,without desire or fear enjoy it,as it happens.

Sai Ram Friends,It’s a strange paradox. Love cannot be brought into the field of thought,while feelings and emotions can. Love is a flame without smoke,ever fresh,creative,joyous. But for most of the people,love is a thing of mind,not heart,all the time governed by that cunning mind. So if you have a good heart,you help too much,trust too much,give too much,love too much and it always seems you get hurt too much. You have to understand this fact,if you want to give love. Regards. Sharat

Sai Ram Friends,Do we realize the pathetic lives we are having,always restless due to desires,always caught in the whirl wind of ego generating endless desires.The ego is a monkey capatulating through the jungle: fascinated by the realm of the senses it swings from one desire to the next,one conflict to the next. If we want to live sanely, Let this monkey go,desires go,conflict go. Just remain in the center,watching. And then everything will drop,including”I”. You will be at rest,without any internal movement to agitate you. That is BLISS,that is spirituality,THE END OF JOURNEY,END OE ALL SEARCH,END OF ALL SORROW. Regards. Sharat

Sai Ram Friends,I love this quote by Derric Jensen and completely agree with him-‘It’s no wonder we don’t defend the land where we live.We don’t live here.We live in television programs and books and with celebrities and in heaven and by rules and laws and abstractions created by people far away and we live anywhere and everywhere except in our particular bodies on this particular land at this particular moment in these particular circumstances. Regards. Sharat

Sai Ram friends,The remedy lies in clarity and integrity of thinking.Try to understand that you live in a world of illusions,examine them and uncover their roots.All your Gods,rituals,knowledge,concept of enlightenment are nothing but illusions.You live in illusion about yourself. This understanding and the very attempt to do so will make you earnest,for there is bliss only in right endeavour. It is nowhere else. Regards. Sharat Bhushan

Always your’s in Baba’s grace


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Some thought about Mind,Maya,God and Consciousness

From childhood the most fascinating thing for me was Mind and functions of brain.Probably this curiosity was the beginning of my spiritual journey.Afterwards the concept of God,Maya,and Consciousness were added to this list.
I just do not remember who has written these lines,but I love them,”Gracious one play,your head is an empty shell wherein your mind frolics infinitely.”First we have to realize that factually our Mind is fragment of the Universal Mind.The sum total of the individual minds is nothing but the Universal Mind.But it’s functioning gets jeopardized by Maya.This Maya not only effects our individual minds but it also effects Universal Mind and our so called Gods.I’ll give you one example.In our Puranas and scriptures there are so many instances that describe that Siva did this on Parvati’s insistence or Narayan and Krisna did this on the insistence of Laxmi or Radha.Most of these stories are related to that mutual attraction,action and fascination between that Eternal Male and Female Principle.It is nothing but the projection of Maya on The Universal Mind.But it is necessary because without it the duality cannot survive ans when there is no duality,there is no world,no existence.We have to understand that search of God or being one with the Universal Consciousness is nothing but to find out the un realities of this world whose nature is hallucinatory.Whatever is projected on the Universal Mind is unreal and it is nothing but Maya.Due to this Maya,the individual mind has the illusion that whatever is inside us and outside us is divisible and separate.We have to understand that the Universal Consciousness is one and is indivisible whether it is inside us or outside us.It cannot be divided in space and time as it contains space and time both within itself.But as our fragmentary mind fragments this continuous,indivisible Consciousness or Universal Mind,we consider it illusory,deceptive.Therefore what mind wants to assume?We know that the scriptures,saints,gurus try to reinforce this thought that everything is unreal,everything is illusory and Maya.Only “I” is the real thing and that “I AM THAT”Except that everything is Maya.

At least they agree that in this unreal world something is real.When everything is unreal then this world is a dream which we are dreaming and our indivdual dream is nothing but the part of that Universal dream.So logically in this world everything is a dream,illusory,But then who is dreaming this dream?

As Gurdjieff and some ancient traditions,Mystics and now also the Modern Science say that we are product of some very advanced civilization living thousands of light years away from the earth,or we are just mental projection of some unknowable mythical entity,or some real entity has created us in dream and now it is just observing,witnessing us,our every movements,all our emotions,actions,pleasures,sorrows,joys,agonies.But if it is truth,the basic question is whether they are simply observing us or they are also controlling us and our actions?Or we are just a reality show on TV for them?Probably this question can never be answered as it includes the whole concept of Free-Will,pre determinism,and the thought that every thing is predestined.

Since the world is nothing but projection of Mind,Mind and world are not separate and world being the projection of Mind is false.But since the Mind and projected world are same,Is it that Mind is also false?Because JK has said that the observer and the observed are one.Mind and World are one,because it is Mind only which is observing the world after its projection.We have to understand one basic thing which is apparent in our daily dreams,that the dreamer who is dreaming the dream is also a dream.In this life nothing exists on its own and without Mind. Nothing is separate from Mind.Mind has created this imaginary world,and it is Mind only which is participating in all activities of Universe and they are relative and controlled or projected by Mind only.Otherwise the dream called creation cannot continue.How the Mind controls everything we can understand from modern Physics or Quantum Physics.We have to realize that Mind is the cause of all actions,all movements of our lives.Therefore all activities are related to mind only.Therefore Mind is the observer and the mind is being observed.The most complicated thing is that when different Minds observe the same thing the behavior of the thing being observed changes according to the observer.Like in classical Quantum Physics the knowledge of the behavior of particle is relative to the observer.It is never absolute knowledge.Therefore the Quantum Physics stipulates that the,”OBSERVER ALTERS THE OBSERVED BY MERE ACT OF OBSERVATION.”If we become aware of ourselves,we will recollect that whenever we felt that we are being observed,our behavior changed.We are never authentic,we are just different from what we are when we are away from prying eyes.Therefore we constantly try to create an image and we are nothing but that projected image.Therefore our main task in this world is nothing but to build an image,and pretend that we are nothing but that image.But in reality what happens is that in this world one image is interacting with another image.Not only that,we have different image of the person who is trying to project some particular image.Therefore there is nothing but confusion,conflict and chaos because the whole affair is nothing but the interaction of images.We Think that the only purpose of living is to gain that knowledge which we can apply for our gains and use.But we have to understand that whatever we know is fragmented and it is nothing but a form of ignorance.We are just collecting information and increasing knowledge about everything by this fragmented mind without the most important tool we had been given and that is INTUITION.The intuition gives us complete perspective,an insight into the subject and the mind moves in totality.It is important because when the mind is discovered in totality,the fullness of life is realized,and as mind is interwoven with life,with the realization of fullness of life,mind dissolves into The Self,that Self which is inclusive of all that exists,in unlimited and infinite in its vastness.Probably this is Samadhi,Moksha or Realization,whatever we call it.Since the Mind is total sum of human experiences,we have to understand that action and the resulting events are also sustained by mind only.

The basic problem of the human being is that we do not have the full knowledge of Mind and it’s intricacies.The lack of knowledge makes us restless.We have to understand that it is Mind which is responsible for what one is and also for all the circumstances that one has drawn to himself.We have to understand that for all our sentiments,success,failure,physical and psychological disease,Mind is the only source and that Mind is not completely based upon one’s experiences of the present life only,nor it is limited and constrained by hereditary and our environmental factors,it is based on experiences and impressions of various past lives.It survives the death of the body.Not only that as it is there after the physical death,it projects and creates another body.That is what we call rebirth.So basic thing to know God and Maya is to know the Mind.When we know the Mind,we become one with the Universal Mind or that Universal Consciousness which Creates all,Sustains all and Destroys all.And above all it is the Witness of all this.Once we understand this we are out of the clutches of Maya or illusion.This is the whole game.





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Is there any purpose for the creation?

Firstly I want to thank my friends who have made this site and insist me to write something,knowing fully,that whatever I say is probably meaningless and does not serve any purpose.So for their sake from today i.e.18/11/2012,I am starting to put my astray thoughts and hope that I will be able to keep on writing some irrelevant things in the same.It is up to you to find some meaning in it.
The very first issue I want to touch is “The purpose of creation”or “The purpose of human life”From the time I had started my spiritual journey,few people who come to me and feel that I know something keep on asking me this question.
I cannot give any definite answer.Because there is no definite answer to this question.As Rig Veda says,”Probably He is also not aware of the purpose of creation”Any how I will try to say whatever I had understood.
But sometimes I feel surprised that why we always look for a purpose in everything?Is there any purpose for a flower to bloom or for a river to flow?Why life cannot be without any purpose?Why God should have any purpose in creating this universe or creating us?I f there is a purpose for all this then the only purpose which I can think of is pure joy,joy of creating,joy of being,nothing else.Have you loved any one without any purpose?Have you helped any one without any purpose?Have you ever painted any thing or written anything without any purpose.Have you ever done these things just for the sake of doing them,just for joy?If you have ever done so just recollect those moments.You will find that those were the most meaningful moments of your life,most fulfilling.
We are committing suicide every moment.We love for some purpose,we help for some purpose.Not only that we worship Him for some purpose.It is pathetic.Therefore there is no joy left in our lives.There is no companionship,no selfless relations,no love and no joy.That is why we are simply exploiting and manipulating each other.
I feel if you really want to know,what is the purpose of this creation,then may be it is Love.He was all alone and He wanted to be loved.(That is why we all want to be loved)Therefore He created us so that His desire to be loved can be fulfilled.We make Him complete and the beauty is that in this love we also complete ourselves.If you see in the creation,there is this constant process of love and union of Male and Female Principle,Siva and Sakti,always trying to complement each other,discovering and finding each other.That is why in Nature in every living being there is this urge of union.
We have to understand that human beings were created for a definite purpose.We are supposed to transform some specific energy for sustaining this creation.We have forgotten this purpose and think the other way around.We have started thinking that Universe was created for us which is totally wrong.Therefore there are different energy center in our bodies which should be activated to produce and transmit different types of energies which helps in sustaining this world.Awakening of Kundalini or Enlightenment or Self realization has no other meaning other than this.At different levels of spiritual development,we produce,transmit energies of different frequencies which help in the process of creation.Otherwise if one awakens the Kundalini or get Enlightenment,what purpose it is going to serve?
The irony is that somehow we do not and cannot participate in this great Universal process constantly.The whole spirituality is nothing but to make us conscious of our participation so that we contribute to this whole process with all our being and strength.Otherwise we all remain unconscious beings who are tossed around for this purpose unknowingly.
Moreover a human being is nothing but an Input/Output device.We are programmed with some particular inputs to collect some data.Out output is based on that input,which is our conditioning or limitation or programming.We are here to contribute the progression of this process called creation and during that process we collect some data to be analyzed.

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